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How to listen to YouTube music in the background and with the screen off on Android

22 mayo, 2021

The application of Youtube it does not allow us listen to your videos in the background. As soon as you change the application or turn off the screen, the playback pauses. We always have to have the application open to listen to your videos or music.

YouTube background playback It is only officially available to YouTube Red subscribers (United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Korea) but it does not mean that other users cannot enjoy this feature. There is a trick and a third-party application that allows us skip that limitation.

While the official YouTube application has this functionality enabled, we see how from the YouTube official web version yes we can listen to your videos in the background and with the screen turned off with a simple trick.

We just have to open our Web navigator favorite, either Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc .. and enter activating from Menu In the browser, the option that opens the web version for computers. This option can be called “Website for computers”, “Request desktop site” or “Desktop site” depending on the browser.

When we start playing a video from the version for computers, we will see how when we return to the home screen or when the screen is turned off, the playback will stop as usual. No problem, we just have to resume playback from the notification. From that moment on YouTube will be heard in the background and with the screen off.

If we use Firefox there is an extension Video Background Play Fix that allows us to listen to the videos in the background from the mobile web version of YouTube. Our colleagues from Xataka Basic explain how.



If you don’t feel like doing the above trick every time you want to listen to music on YouTube, or you don’t like using its desktop interface on the computer screen, another alternative is to use YMusic, a third-party app that turns YouTube into a streaming music player.

YMusic allows us to listen to the millions of YouTube songs in the background and with the screen off. Your application will only download the audio and not the video, thus saving data. Besides, also allows us to download songs in a variety of formats such as mp3, opus, webm or mp4.

As YMusic skips the YouTube terms of use, its application cannot be on Google Play, so it will have to be downloaded from other sources:

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