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How to lock apps with a password on a Huawei mobile

26 mayo, 2021

There are many applications to protect applications with a password, although at the moment of truth, if it is not an option included in the app itself, as with WhatsApp, or in the personalization layer, its usefulness is limited. One of the layers that allows protect apps apps with a password is that of Huawei, EMUI.

In Huawei phones, this is called App lock And it’s an effective way to prevent some apps from opening unless you use an additional password, PIN, or identification.

Activate app blocking in EMUI

This extra security option is not activated at the factory, so the first time you want to use it you will need to do a little additional configuration. First of all, go to the System Settings, enter Security and privacy and then enter App lock.


If you have never configured this before, first of all you must choose how are you going to protect the application. You have to choose between one of the two available options:

  • Screen lock password, the same mobile credentials are used, be it PIN, password, fingerprint or facial recognition. This is useful if you leave your mobile unlocked for someone (and you don’t want them to access certain apps) or if your mobile unlocks itself according to certain rules, such as when you are at home.

  • Custom PINIn this case, a different PIN will be used, exclusive to open the applications you choose to protect. In this way, even if someone knows the mobile PIN, they need to know this second PIN to open the apps.


If you choose custom PIN, you must enter that PIN, while if you choose Screen lock password you can choose whether you want to allow the use of the fingerprint ID (the fingerprint) or facial recognition.


This configuration is optional. That is, if you do not use facial recognition or fingerprints, then it will continue to ask for the PIN code, password or pattern every time you try to open the app.

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Choose the apps to block

At this point, you just need choose the apps you want to block. To do this you must use the switch next to the name of each app. If you can’t find a specific app, you can use the search engine located at the top. You can block as many apps as you want, although using your mobile can become hell if all apps ask you for additional security.


That’s it, now these apps are protected, which means that the first time they open they will ask for the PIN, password or biometrics that you have established. You won’t need to re-enter it until the next time the screen turns off and back on.

If at any point you change your mind, you just need to retrace your steps to disable lock. You will need to first of all enter the password of the current mobile user and then deactivate the box of the app in question. Another option is to tap on the options icon and press Disable app lock.