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how to login without typing password

22 mayo, 2021

For some time, Facebook has been offering an option for us to save our login information in the browser so that we do not have to enter the data anymore, at least in that same browser.

That is, by activating this feature you can go directly to Facebook without entering the password or username More than the first time, you won’t even have to go through the login page again.

Facebook The message with which Facebook offers to remember your password in the browser

It is quite simple to activate, if until now Facebook has not offered you the option on your wall, we will explain how to access it manually from Settings, and if you have already activated it and you would like to stop remembering the password for some reason, We explain how to deactivate it.

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How to save Facebook login information

Where You Have Logged In

Click on the Facebook menu button (the downward facing triangle on the right side of the blue bar) and select Setting. Once on the Facebook settings page click on Security and login.

Save Login Information

From there you will see a list of all the devices and browsers in which you have logged in with your Facebook account, and below you will see an option called “Save login information“. If you click Edit You will not only be able to save your current browser information so that you never have to enter the password again, or to eliminate this type of access from other browsers.

Recent Logins

With this option activated, you will no longer have to re-enter the account password, and in fact, when you enter Facebook again, even after a long time or after deleting browsing data, you will see your profile photo instead, by clicking in it you log in automatically.

You can do this with as many accounts as you want to just have to click on your photo to log into Facebook. Now, if you have activated this automatic login by mistake, or on a foreign computer, it is good to know that from this section of the settings you can revoke the automatic login immediately.

This function is completely independent of the credentials that the browser stores on its ownYou can have your user data stored with the browser’s password manager, but if you do not activate this function, you will still have to enter it or let the browser do it automatically. Likewise, if you delete the browser credentials, but do not deactivate the automatic access of Facebook, you can continue (you or anyone) logging in just by clicking on your photo.