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How to make Microsoft Word a perfect MarkDown text editor

26 mayo, 2021

Markdown is love, it is easy to read and easy to write language which makes it easier to format text without having to use HTML. It is widely used by people who write on the Internet, such as the servers that we generate content in this blog, and it is also widely used to document code or simply to edit documents without complications and without having to learn a lot of HTML tags.

There are many MarkDown text editors designed especially to take advantage of this language, they are usually quite minimal and straight to the point. However, we know that the most used text editor on the planet is simply Microsoft Word, and this, by default and unfortunately, is not compatible with MarkDown. This is where the Writage plugin comes in to solve this problem.

Comic Sans, the most popular (and hated) typeface

Many people are so used to Word that the crazy idea of ​​writing a document in another application never occurs to them, much less learning a new formatting language, if there are such beautiful buttons in Word. Anyone who has written text for the web knows that writing it in Word and then pasting it without first removing all the formatting that the Microsoft program adds, usually results in disaster.

Now, if we have the ability to open MarkDown documents within Word and save documents in that format from the Office flagship program, life will be better. Writeage basically adds a function to Word to convert files from .doc to MarkDown and vice versa.


When you install Writage on your computer, you will have the option of opening any document written in MarkDown from Office, in Word you will see the text in the format it was given, not in MarkDown language. You can also save any document you write in Word in MarkDown format, that is, with the extension .MD.

You don’t even have to write in MarkDown, you can add formatting to the text with Word’s visual tools and when you save the document in .MD thanks to the plugin, it will be automatically converted to MarkDown. Writeage is in active development right now, and for now it will be free. It is compatible with Office 2007/2010/2013/2016 on Windows.

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