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How to make PDF Preview work in Windows 7 64-bit

27 mayo, 2021

In the same way as in Mac OS X there is “Quick Look”: https: //, which allows us to view files quickly without having to open them, in Windows Vista / 7 we have the Preview Panel, which does exactly the same, and which has support for third-party plug-ins (just like Apple’s solution).

For a long time that Adobe Reader takes advantage of this Windows feature, offering thumbnails and previews of PDFs in the file browser. Unfortunately, their implementation has a few bugs, causing does not work under 64-bit editions of Windows.


Those of Adobe have been turning a deaf ear to this problem for several years, without giving any solution to users. Therefore, it is not surprising that Leo Davidson (an independent developer) has lost his patience and decided create your own patch for this bug (!). Once we install it, the PDF preview will run like Swiss clock in our 64-bit Windows, and in applications that integrate with Adobe’s “preview handler” (for example, Microsoft Outlook).

We take the opportunity to remind you that there is also a “Foxit Reader preview handler”: https: // , lighter and more feature-rich than Adobe, and that it does not require a patch to work well.

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