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How to make voice calls with Google Home and from Duo to your Google Home

26 mayo, 2021

Smart devices with a screen such as the Google Home Hub have long been capable of making video calls, but since March Google began to extend calls to Google Homes without a screen, like the Google Home or the Google Home Mini.

Palace affairs are slow, and the voice calling feature with Google Home is now starting to roll out for users. Here we will see how to do both: both call people on your Google Duo phonebook from Google Home to call from Google Duo on your mobile to your Google Home at home.

First, the configuration

Before you start calling from here to there you need to link your Google Duo account with the Assistant. You may have done this in the past, but it’s best to go to settings to check. You will need to open the Home app, go to the section Account, tab Services and enter Voice and video calls and finally in Voice and video applications.

The next screen is where you will be able to find out if you already have activated in your account the possibility of making voice calls also with Google Home devices. You will see in the Availability section: before it only put that it was available in “Smart screens”, while now the availability in Google Home is added.

Set up

You will need to link the Google Duo account with the Google Assistant. To do this, tap on Google Duo, which will open a window to sign in or register a new Google Duo account. The process is the usual in these cases: put your phone number and wait for a code to be sent to you that you must enter in the app to verify your identity.


At this point, you already have everything configured. Now you can make voice calls between your mobile with Google Duo and your Google Home at home, in both directions.

Call other people from Google Home


With the account set up, all you need to do is say the magic words to call Google Duo contacts from your Google Home. As usual, there are several word combinations you can use, such as the following:

  • Make a Duo call
  • Duo’s call to “Mom”
  • Call “Pepito” in Duo
  • Call in Duo

That being said, the Google Home will give the ringtone until the other person responds. Obviously, there is no knock knock if we are talking about a Google Home without a screen. For the rest, it is a normal and ordinary call, which you can hang up with a long touch on one of its sides (in the Google Home Mini).

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Call from Google Duo to Google Home

The reverse process, that is, calling the Google Home associated with your account and at home from the Google Duo app on your mobile, is even easier. In this case the process is carried out completely from the mobile. Basically, you open Google Duo and you will see that a new section appears Call all my Home devices.

To call

The Google Home – or Google Homes – will set the tone. In order to answer the call on a Google Home you need to tap on the volume button. To hang up, you just need to make a long touch on the same button.