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How to make WhatsApp video calls with up to 8 people

22 mayo, 2021

After WhatsApp began to update its service to allow calls from up to eight participants, the novelty now reaches all beta users to allow them to call and video call a larger group of users. Specifically, WhatsApp has doubled the number of participants. And it is not difficult to activate this new function.

Group video calls are causing a sensation in this confinement. And it is not surprising since they allow dilute distances and get closer to our loved ones, the only way we have to get out of the house and visit them. Zoom, Houseparty or Google Meet, many are the services that are used when the group of people is large. Although WhatsApp also works now: the platform has activated the Group calls and video calls with up to eight participants. Do you want to try them? It is really simple, we teach you.

Download WhatsApp beta 2.20.135

Group Calls Whatsapp Eight

Yesterday, Tuesday, we gave the news that WhatsApp had begun activating group calls and video calls for up to eight people. Of course, it was in a very small group of users: while one of our mobiles had the possibility, the rest kept the limit of four. And that changed after the publication of the new beta on Google Play: WhatsApp activates the eight participants with version 2.20.135: just install it and that’s it.

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The process is very simple: with a couple of steps you will be chatting with microphone and video in a group of up to eight people. You just have to do the following:

  • Download the latest beta of WhatsApp, which corresponds to version 2.20.135. If you did not sign up for the beta (you can still do it on Android) download the application from Apk Mirror.
  • All call participants must have the latest beta: make sure before establishing communication.
  • Open WhatsApp and go to the calls section.
  • Click on the ‘+’ at the bottom right and then on ‘New group call’.
  • Choose the seven contacts you will call. Once selected, click on the phone icon or the camera icon, depending on the communication you want (calls or video calls).
  • Communication will be established and everyone will go to a grid of up to eight miniatures (in the case of video calls). If all eight are not completed you can invite more participants.
Group Calls Whatsapp Eight

We have been testing the video calls to eight and we have found that its operation is adequate. Sound and video as stable as four-way calls, easy to do and with the advantage that you do not have to install new software: most people already have WhatsApp on their phone.

Remember that you can only make group calls and video calls with up to eight participants with the latest WhatsApp beta. Everyone must have it installed before calling.

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