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how to make your profile as private as possible

21 mayo, 2021

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and despite all its privacy scandals, the platform continues to earn users and money and raise its numbers by hundreds and hundreds of millions.

Yes you use Facebook but want your profile to be as private as possible, there are several privacy options within the platform that allow you to quite control the level of information that you expose to the public, and although using Facebook can never be completely “private” because basically they live on your information, at least you can limit what third parties find about you thanks to them.

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Remember, the less information you share with Facebook, the better. For example, there is no need for you to give them your phone number, in fact, it is better if you delete your mobile number from the platform, and if you do not completely need the mobile app, better to uninstall it and thus it cannot store data about your Location.

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Basic Facebook privacy settings

Check Privacy Settings

Go to and click on the help button (a circle with a question mark) that appears in the blue bar above and to the right. There select the option “Checking your privacy settings“:

Screenshot 2019 05 03 At 15 31 21

This will take you through a three-step process in which you decide who exactly you want to share your information with. The first step has to do with your posts, the second with your profile information and the third with the applications and websites that you have connected to Facebook.

All sections offer you the possibility of restricting the audience of that information to:

  • Public: can be seen by people on and off Facebook regardless of whether they are your friends or not.
  • Friends: only your friends can see it on Facebook.
  • Friends except: is an option that lets you set something as available to all your friends at the same time that you can add individual exceptions for specific friends.
  • Concrete friends: Unlike the previous one, here you will choose are the friends who will be able to see your information
  • Personalized – An option for profile information that lets you customize the people or lists with whom you can share or not share the information.

Facebook doesn’t let other people know when you decide not to share something with them. However, this obviously does not prevent a friend from telling another friend that they can see some of your posts or profile information that is not appearing to them.

Information such as your email, date of birth, and other data that you consider sensitive and that can be used to identify you or steal your identity, we recommend keeping them private, either just for you or for your friends.

Screenshot 2019 05 03 At 15 54 35

In addition to these options, you can go to the Facebook Settings and in the section Privacy you will find some more things to adjust. For example, in your activity you can limit the audience of the publications that you have shared with your friends’ friends or that you have made public before.

This will make all your old posts are now restricted to your friends only instead of all public or friends of your friends. This change cannot be undone unless you go to each post and make them public again one by one.

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Who can find you and with whom they share your data

Screenshot 2019 05 03 At 15 58 41

If you stay in that same section, you will find an option that was not in the basic privacy settings: decide how other people can find you on Facebook.

There you can choose who can send you friend requests, who can see your friends list, who can search for you with the email you provided to Facebook, who can search for you with the phone number you gave to Facebook, and you can also decide if search engines outside of Facebook link to your profile.

All this works, if you change it to “only me” so that no stranger can send you friend requests, or so that you do not appear in searches of other networks or games that people connect with Facebook, even so that you do not appear in Google for your Facebook profile, or even so that no one on Facebook when looking for your name can easily get to you.


From the ads preferences you can make your profile even more private preventing advertisers and Facebook partners from observing how you behave on and off Facebook.

You have three important options here: prevent Facebook from using data from advertisers and other partners about your activity outside of Facebook, prevent Facebook from using data from your activity when you view Facebook ads outside of Facebook to show you more relevant ads, and prevent Facebook tells advertisers about your social actions in ads.

Screenshot 2019 05 03 At 16 10 30

If that all sounds like a fucking tongue twister to you, it’s because it is. The recommendation is that you set everything to “Not allowed” and “Nobody”, as in the screenshot you see above.

And finally, you can also continue using Facebook, but without sharing your data with third parties, we do this completely disabling the Facebook application platform.

facebook application platform

To do this you must go to the Applications section of the Facebook Settings. Then in the box that says Applications, websites and plugins, click on Edit and then on Deactivate the platform.

disable platform

It is important that you know that if you carry out this last step, you will not be able to log in with Facebook anywhere else, or use integrations with other platforms, such as games with Facebook, or search for Facebook friends on other networks, etc.