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How to measure distances and areas with the new Google Earth tool for Android

26 mayo, 2021

The application of Google Earth is updated this week to release a new tool that will allow us make measurements. With the new version we can ask distances, areas and perimeters.

Until now Google only allowed us to measure distances with Google Maps, but with Google Earth we can also measure surfaces. We tell you how.



Once we have updated the application of Google Earth to the new version we can make measurements in the upper part by tapping on More> Measure. There we just have to move the map and add points to measure a distance.

If we want to measure the surface of a location we have to join the last point with the first and touch on Close shape. So we will see the area and the perimeter.

We can eliminate the last point by touching the “Undo” icon, or once the form is closed, touch the top right icon “Start again” to put points back. If we want to return to the map, we just have to touch Back.

Via | Google
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