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How to move photos to MicroSD card to free up space

23 mayo, 2021

Photos and videos can eat up a large part of our mobile storage, although it has an easy solution. If your mobile has support for microSD memory cards, you can always move photos and videos to memory card to free up internal storage space.

Moving applications to the memory card can be problematic, but it is not the case with photos and videos. You will be able to see them later without problems and you will leave a valuable free space in the internal memory of the phone, which can be better used to install applications.

Move all photos with Google Files

If you want the process to be more or less automatic, your best ally is Google Files, Google’s file manager. If you have a new mobile, you may already have it pre-installed, but otherwise you can download it from Google Play.

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Among the different options that Google Files presents to you to free up space, one of them is move files to SD card. This card should appear in the tab Clean up of the application. Press the button Select and release to open the list with all the photos and videos you have on your mobile. To select them all, use the box at the top. Then press Move to SD card.


Google Files will then show you a window advising you of how many elements you are about to move, in which you must press Move. If this is your first time doing this in Google Files, you should give the app permission to access the SD card. The process is quite simple, because you just have to press Continue and later Allow access to memory card.


Once this is done, the photos and videos will begin to be moved from the internal storage to the memory card. The process may take a few minutes, depending on the number of photos and videos you have on your mobile. In summary, this is the complete process to move all the photos and videos to the microSD:

  • Open Google Files

  • In the tab Clean up, look for the card Move files to SD card

  • Press Select and release

  • Select all the photos you want to move

  • Press Move to SD card and confirm it in the pop-up window

  • If necessary, give Google Files permission to manage the microSD

Move only some folders

If the previous process has not gone well or you prefer to do it manually, nothing prevents you from doing it the same as you would on a PC: moving folders by hand. For this you only need a normal file manager. We will also use Google Files, although you are free to use any other. The process will be similar in all cases.

In Google Files, the first thing you need to do is go to the folder you want to move. To do this, go to the tab To explore and, at the bottom, tap on Internal storage. Next, tap on the arrow next to the folder you want to move to bring up the context menu. For example, in the DCIM folder, where it is very likely that the photos you take with the mobile camera will be saved.


In the contextual menu you must choose Move to, which will then ask you if you want to move to the internal storage or to the SD card: choose the latter. Then you can move through the microSD folders to choose where you want to paste the folder. When you are in it, press Move here.


As before, the process can take a long time if you are moving a heavy folder. Repeat this process for other folders with photos you want to move to memory card such as Pictures, Video card or from photo and video editing applications. In summary this is the process to move some folders to the microSD:

  • In Google files, enter the tab To explore

  • Tap on Internal storage

  • Tap on the arrow next to the folder you want to move

  • Choose move to

  • Choose SD Card

  • Press Move here