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How to open all your PDF files with the browser without having to install additional programs

23 mayo, 2021

Currently most of the modern and most popular browsers are capable of open any PDF file so you can view the document directly from it. And yet it is very likely that like tons of people in the world, you have some third-party software installed on your computer just for that purpose.

The most common suspect is Adobe Reader, but when you learn things like that by simply using your PDF reader you end up with unwanted Chrome extensions collecting your browsing data, maybe you start to think of an alternative. If you prefer not to download any other special program, we will tell you how to simply use your web browser for that task.


When you open a PDF file while browsing the web, you don’t have to worry about this, as the browser simply displays it in a tab. But, when it comes to PDF files on your disk or on other devices, by default Windows usually asks for a specialized program and there you end up with Adobe Reader or similar.

If you want all your PDF files to open with Google Chrome, or Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, or whatever browser you prefer, you can activate a couple of very simple settings to choose the default application that will always read your PDFs.

To open with

Find a PDF file on your computer and right click on it. Select the option “To open with“and in the next drop-down menu click on”Choose another app“.

In the screenshot above you can see that my PDF files have a Microsoft Edge icon, and that browser already appears in the list of applications available to open PDFs, it is because at that time it was already my default program.

Choose Application

Browse through the list of options and if the web browser you want to use does not appear there, scroll to the bottom and then select “More applications”. If it still doesn’t appear, scroll down and select “Find another app on your computer“If you want to open all your PDFs with Chrome, this will surely be the way you will have to go.

Find Another Application

Now navigate to the path of your computer where the browser you want to use is installed. In the case of Chrome, the .exe file is located at C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication. Select the executable and then click “Open”.

Opened With Google Chrome

Lastly, be sure to check the box “Always use this application to open .pdf files“so that you only have to double click on a PDF from now on to open it with the browser. The process is exactly the same always, the only thing that changes is the browser you choose.

Always use Chrome

Of course, browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc. they are only capable of reading PDF files, you cannot do any kind of editing. For that if you need a specialized tool. Adobe Reader does not let you edit anything either, it is only useful for viewing, the PDF editor is a paid program.

In Genbeta | Adobe Acrobat Reader is installing without asking permission an extension in Chrome that has access to all your data