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How to permanently share your location on Google Maps

22 mayo, 2021

Google Maps goes beyond a simple navigation app and incorporates different functions to maintain its advantage over other browsers. Among them, the possibility of share the exact location in real time with your contacts. We already knew how to do it on Facebook Messenger and now it’s time to learn how to do it on Google Maps.

The truth is that Google Maps is in constant renewal. Proof of this is that it recently incorporated alerts for weather phenomena, warnings if the taxi left the fastest route or functions such as the speedometer or radar warnings that we had already seen before in Waze.

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How to share your location in real time

Beyond sharing your location with a contact at a certain time, Google Maps also allows you to do it permanently, so that they know where you are at each moment as you move. Although logically it can have a controversial use in terms of monitoring and control of other people, it does add extra security.

Keep in mind that when you do, the contacts with whom you share your location will know where you are at all times until you decide to deactivate the option. That said, you should follow the Next steps to activate it:

Google maps

1.Open the Google Maps app on your mobile and wait for it to geolocate you, at which point it will show you a blue dot locating your situation on the map.

2.Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to open the Options panel.

3.Choose the option ‘Share location’.

At that moment, a window will open to share your location in real time with friends and family, so that they can see where you are at all times.

Google Maps 2

4.Click on Start.

5. A new window will appear where it asks you if you want to allow Maps to access your contacts. Click on Allow.

6.You can choose to share your location for a certain time or do it constantly until you deactivate this option. By default, you will see the ‘For an hour’ option activated, although you can add or subtract hours by clicking on the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ symbols.

7.Choose the contact (s) with whom you want to share your location. If the contact does not have their account connected to any Google account, Maps will send a link to their email account. You can also choose to send this link through WhatsApp or Telegram.

Google Maps 4

8. Hit ‘Share’.

9. Again it asks if you want to share your location. Click on ‘Activate’. When you do, you will generate a unique link to share your exact location with the person you are sending it to.

Screenshot 20190628 165825

From that moment, all the people to whom you have sent the link with your location will be able to see your situation on the map with your name and the address you are in, in addition to the avatar that you use in your Google account, which moves at the same time as you do.

How to disable the option

Screenshot 20190628 165443

If you have chosen the option to share your location constantly, you can delete it at any time. To do this, you must go to the same ‘Share location’ menu.

You will see two new tabs, one at the top where you get the icons of the contacts with whom you have shared the information, while at the bottom you will see the names next to an ‘X’. All you have to do is click on it to disable the option and from that moment on, your contacts will no longer be able to see your location on Google Maps.