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How to post GIFs on Instagram very easily

22 mayo, 2021

Instagram is a platform that was born to fulfill a very simple: share the photos you took from your smartphone. Over the years, this social network has been expanding, offering many more options.

Just yesterday we recommended a multiplatform application to use your messages from Windows, macOS and Linux, and today we are going to explain several easy ways to share GIFs on Instagram.

Use Giphy to upload the GIF

To start with, we will need to have a GIF that we want to publish. We can get lost on the Internet and search among millions of options, or we can also use one of these applications and create our own GIFs.

Currently, it is not possible to share GIFs on Instagram, although there are a series of tricks that will help us bypass this restriction. Giphy is one of the most important GIF platforms, where we can find millions of moving images.

Instagram only accepts photos or videos, so we will have to convert GIF to video. The easiest way is to go to Giphy and choose one of those that appear on the platform or upload one from our team.

We can also use the desktop version or the application for Android or iOS. Once we have the GIF on Giphy, we will simply have to click on “Share” (share) and choose the purple square with the Instagram logo.

Animated Gifs Find Share On Giphy

If we are on a mobile device we can allow Giphy to directly open the app from Instagram or simply save it in memory and upload it at another time.


Imgur is another important platform where you can upload and find millions of GIFs. If we create an account, we can upload the GIFs we want and then view them from the mobile device, download them in video format and publish them.

Gifs Images Photos Memes Gifs And Pictures Find The Latest On Imgur

If you like things a little more complicated and you use Photoshop, there is a way to convert GIFs to videos. We will simply have to open the GIF, go to File> Export and Render Video.

Photoshop Video Render 720x720

Don’t worry about the settings, the ones that come by default should work perfectly. Once we have the video clip, we can send it by email, Dropbox or any other method to our device.

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