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How to prevent Windows 10 from running apps in the background to save battery and data

22 mayo, 2021

One of the easiest ways to increase startup speed in Windows 10 is by preventing certain unwanted programs from starting as soon as we log in. Many of these programs not only start with the system, but also even when we are not using them they are still running in the background.

This happens with almost any app integrated in Windows 10 and with many of the applications that we install from the Microsoft Store. The simple weather app needs to run in the background to get updates and always show the current temperature, the Mail app does the same to show notifications of new emails. But in many cases they are not things that we need and that we can deactivate to save resources.

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Although cases like those of the Weather and Mail app may make sense to some people and want to allow them to run in the background, other apps only do it to check for updates, and others are not even used.

Stopping the execution of these applications can help us save a few minutes of precious battery on the laptop, or even data if we are using a limited connection.


Disable background apps in Windows 10

Background Applications

Press the Windows key and in the start menu type “background”, select the first result and press “Enter”. You can also navigate to the option by opening the menu Setting going to section Privacy and choosing Background apps from the left menu.

Background Apps Windows 10 Png

Once in the configuration window you will have several options. You can completely disable running apps in the background by checking the first box, or you can choose the setting for each application individually.

The list will be more or less long depending on the number of apps you have installed from the Windows Store. Now there too all Windows 10 Modern apps will be there, and even games that the system installs without anyone asking for it.

Things like the Opinion Hub, which very few people use, not even Insiders, can be completely disabled because they also update in the background by downloading news and so on.

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Once you deactivate the background update of an app you must bear in mind that that app will no longer be able to send you notifications nor will it stay updated automatically. Now, every time you start the app manually, you can use it normally.

It is not a good idea to disable the running in the background of, for example, messaging applications that you use constantly, since you will not receive notifications of new messages immediately. Take that into account before deactivating them.

The other thing you should keep in mind is that in the case of Win32 apps that you did not install from the Microsoft Store, the only way to prevent them from running in the background is to close them manually, adjust them individually from their own settings. so that they do not, and prevent them from starting Windows 10 from the Task Manager.