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How to print documents from an Android device

22 mayo, 2021

For a few years to print from home you don’t need a computer, you can print from your mobile device if you have one wireless printer.

Printers are now also an Android peripheral so you can print those jobs, documents, coupons, emails, web pages and photos comfortably from your mobile without having to turn on the computer. We tell you how to print step by step with your Android.

Install and configure the printer on your Android

To print

If we have a wireless printer connected to our WiFi network We can install the printer on our Android device in a very simple way.

We just have to go to Settings> Printing> Add service and install from Google Play the complement of the manufacturer of the model of our printer. Once your application is installed, all you have to do is enable print service from the manufacturer so that our device can locate the printers connected to our Wi-Fi network.

To print

If the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as our mobile it will appear in the list of printers and by clicking on it we can configure it to configure its notifications, paper and print quality.

Open a document, mail or image and print

To print

Once our Android device has detected the printer, we can open a document, email or image from our favorite application and look for the option To print which is usually in the options menu of the application.

If the print option does not appear we will have to use the option Share and search the list of applications for the printer option. This is the option that we will have to use to print in Chrome.

Adjust the print

To print

When we click on print we will jump to Print dialog box which shows us the preview of the file and allows us adjust printing, such as the pages to be printed, if we want to print in black and white or in color, the size of the page, the orientation, the quality and more options that will vary depending on our printer. Once everything is configured we have to hit the print button for the printer to start working.

To print Option to unmark certain pages from printing
To print

Print queue and errors

To print

Our Android device will notify us with its notifications which files are being printed and the possible problems that may arise, such as no paper, little ink or a paper jam. On Settings> Print We will see the print queue in case there are files pending or in the process of printing.

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