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How to put a song ringtone on Android

26 mayo, 2021

Android gives us a lot of freedom when it comes to giving a different touch to our phones, we can change wallpaper, icons or add widgets, among other things. For some things it will be enough to navigate through the menus, but for others you have to go to Google Play.

Yesterday we explained how you could change the ringtone of a contact to differentiate it from others (something interesting if it is someone you expect to tell you something important, but some may not be able to carry out that process or the tones that you have on your mobile look horrendous. For those cases, below we explain how you can put a song as a ringtone.

How to assign a different ringtone to the existing ones

Tone changer 2

In many of the contact applications a plus symbol usually appears at the top, we will click on it, and a small window will appear where the option that interests us will appear, music. We touch on that option and we can choose the theme that we like the most as a ringtone (and that we have on the mobile, of course) for that contact.

It should be clarified that, depending on the smartphone model you have, this option is located elsewhere, even within the list of ringtones (for example, in Meizu the local music option appears on the list).

If we do not have that option on the phone, we must not give up, well Google Play almost always has the solution to our problems. Next we will leave you a small list of applications that can do this function even better than if you had it by default on your smartphone.

Ringtone Maker

This application, as its name suggests, is used to make your own ringtones or notifications. This is very similar to what some smartphones can do, but in this case it is even better, since lets you select the desired part of a song or audio track and make only your selection sound when they call you.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker

Panda Music Player

Pandamusic 0

From the same Ringtone Maker developer, we have Panda Music Player, which is a music player that also allows you to choose part of a song to set it as a notification tone and assign it to a contact. If you were looking for both a music player and a way to assign ringtones, this app may be a good option

Panda Music Player - Ringtone Maker

Panda Music Player – Ringtone Maker


Zedge 00

ZEDGE is one of the most popular applications when it comes to personalization, and it allows you to add wallpapers, icons, and even configure other ringtones. This time it does not allow you to search for a song that is on your phone, but you will have a selection and a search engine to search for the song you want. It is not necessary to trim anything, since it does not reproduce the entire track, but a part, which will be the one that is configured as the tone if you choose it.



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