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How to read messages on WhatsApp without the sender knowing that you have read them

26 mayo, 2021

Since the beginning of humanity, human beings have dreamed of living forever … and reading WhatsApp messages without the other person knowing. The first is still pending, but regarding WhatsApp messages there are several methods that you can use to read messages like a real ninja.

WhatsApp started out as a bit ambiguous regarding the status of the messages sent. It had a tick for sent messages and a mysterious double tick that some believed meant that it had been read, and others that it had simply been received. Then came the double blue check to end the doubts. If it appears, it has been read, if not, no.

Personally, I do not care if my WhatsApp shows messages as read since I think that the other person should understand that I can have more important things to do at that time than answer instantly, but it is understandable that some people can get into an unnecessary rush for this very problem. Luckily there is various ways to read messages without the other person knowing.


1. Deactivating Double check

The first technique is also the most obvious. If you don’t like double checking, disable it entirely. To do so, go to WhatsApp Settings – My account Y Privacy. The option in question is called Read receipts. This option does not work in group chat, however.


By deactivating the read confirmation the other person will not see when you have read a message but you will not see when they have seen yours either. All you have to do is activate message confirmation again when you want to pretend to have read the messages (if possible before answering so that it is not noticed much) and fixed.

Going around changing this setting nonstop is not the most comfortable thing in the world and it has other problems. First, it applies to all contacts at the same time, and also sometimes old messages take time to receive their double blue check, evidencing in a way that you have been touching something since you have responded by leaving unread messages in between.

Sinlee in the middle Proof of the crime

Another option is to always leave this option deactivated, although if the other person gets angry because you read the messages and do not respond, they will probably also be angry because you have the read confirmation deactivated, since they will think that you have done exactly that: read the message and not answer.

2. From the notification

Another even simpler classic is to read messages from Android notifications. This is the easiest method because all you have to do is display the notification panel and read. The problem is that very long messages they will appear cut off, but hey, at least you can get an idea.


The trick is to press Answer so that the floating window for quick answers. This window shows you the entire message in a small box and does not send the notice that you have read the messages, even if you start writing (it does show you as Connected and Writing, nonetheless). Really is the best method to read messages without being detected.

Floating window

With the tiny button in the upper corner you can switch between the different pending messages, and it even shows you if the other person is online at that moment. This is one of the few ways you have to to see photos without being detected.

3. With the widget

If you are a professional of reading messages in ninja mode, you may be interested in the WhatsApp widget. It is resizable (in supported launchers), it shows you the last unread messages in a list, with scrolling and, best of all, without notifying the other person that you have read them.


The only thing you have to be careful as a deception professional is not to touch by mistake the content of the widget, since it will open WhatsApp quickly and, therefore, mark the messages as read.

4. Disconnecting from the Internet

Desperate situations call for desperate measures, and here’s a good example. WhatsApp will not be able to notify that you have read messages if you don’t have an internet connection. Indeed it is, although as is obvious you will not receive new messages either.

Airplane mode

Of course, as soon as WhatsApp recovers the Internet connection the first thing it does is send the notification, even if you are currently with another application.

5. With other applications

With the arrival of the double blue check, all kinds of applications also did it to avoid it, since at that time there was no option yet to deactivate it. Some of them are based on the above trick (disable internet connection), but others like Shh are based on notifications.


What this app does is read your notifications to capture your messages and show it to you on its interface in a more orderly way than with the previous methods. With the number of methods to accomplish the same without installing anything extra, it is difficult to justify its installation, although those who need to fake non-reading too often will find it more practical.

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