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How to read WhatsApp messages from your PC without your contacts knowing

24 mayo, 2021

Human relationships are quite complicated, and sometimes technology can make them more complicated. A few years ago, when someone wrote to us using technological means, they usually did it using e-mail, a medium that did not make us feel obliged to answer immediately, since our interlocutor did not know when we had opened it.

However, that dynamic has changed since people have begun to opt for messaging tools in a majority, with WhatsApp at the fore: the blue double ‘check’ or similar functions They act as ‘sneaks’ of when we consult the messages received.

Therefore, we propose two possible solutions so that those of you who use WhatsApp from your computer you can ‘cheat’ the platform and read the messages received without the other person discovering it.

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Notifications are our friends

Let’s think about this: if our WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop window remains minimized or in the background, we we will continue to receive notifications of each message.

If we are aware of the screen at that moment, we will be able to follow the messages we receive by limiting ourselves to reading the floating notifications, which show us the sender and the message … although if it is long we will not be able to see the complete message, unfortunately.


WhatsApp Desktop notification on Windows.

If, on the other hand, something else requires our attention and we cannot follow the floating notifications, still We will have the option to see these notifications ordered chronologically in the Notification Center with which both Windows and Mac OS X have. As long as we do not open the WhatsApp window, in the eyes of our interlocutor we will not have read their messages, since the double check will remain gray.


The MacOS notification center is collecting the messages received without their reading being notified to our interlocutor.

Of course, depending on what platform and operating system we are using, we may find some exceptions:

  • If we use MacOS: In this case, long messages will not be a problem: we can scroll through the floating notifications and see the complete message.

  • If we use WhatsApp Desktop on Windows: We have found that for some strange reason, notifications from the desktop version of WhatsApp do not go to the Notification Center after the floating notification disappears, reducing the usefulness of this solution.

How to use the WhatsApp widget to read messages without your contacts knowing

Leave WhatsApp in the background

The key to this second option is that WhatsApp will only show the blue ‘check’ to your interlocutor if the window containing the chat is in the foreground (that is, when it is the active window, with which you interact). So if someone is writing to you on WhatsApp and you want to read your messages without that person seeing the double blue check, you need to be able to leave the window in the background … while keeping it visible.

Well, for this, you must open the desired chat in your WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop window. Next, you open a different window, of any application (say, for this example, Notepad) and change its size in such a way that you can easily see the window behind it.

Then we make sure to click on this new window (if we have used Notepad, we will see if the cursor is blinking). Now the important thing is that we do not click on the WhatsApp window: thus we will deceive the system, making it believe that we are working with the other one, the one that we have reduced.


The WhatsApp window, located in the background that allows us to see the messages without problems as they arrive.

Thus, no matter how many messages your interlocutor sends you, he or she will always see the double gray ‘checks’ (not blue), indicative of unread messages. Also, in Windows 10 and Mac OS X, we can place the mouse cursor over the WhatsApp window (repeat: without clicking) and scroll to move over the messages of the conversation.

Once we no longer care that the other person knows that we have seen their messages, we just have to click on the WhatsApp window while the conversation in question remains open. And ready. Limitations of this system? Well at least one: We can only see the content of one chat at a time, since it is not possible to change the conversation without bringing the window to the foreground again.

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