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How to receive a reminder on your Android when you arrive at a site

26 mayo, 2021

Not always that we want to receive a reminder, it is practical for us to give the notice a date and time, since there are times when we need to be reminded to do something in a certain place, not at a certain time of day. And since sometimes we do not know when we will go or arrive reminders by location they are our salvation.

The reminders by location They allow us that, to receive a reminder just when we arrive at a site. In this way we can tell our mobile phone to remind us to put the washing machine when arriving home or to buy a product on the next visit to the shopping center. And as this type of reminder is still a great unknown for many people We tell you several ways to create a location reminder on Android.


Google Assistant

Location Assistant Reminder

The most comfortable option is to use the Google Assistant and tell him by voice to remind us to take an action when arriving at a site. Here are some example voice commands:

  • “Ok Google, remind me to put the washing machine on when I get home”
  • “Ok Google, remind me to turn on the boiler when I get to work”
  • “Ok Google, remind me when I get home to call my mother”
  • “Ok Google, remember me when I get to the supermarket to buy whole wheat bread”

When we say the name of a business, it will show us in a new window the location it has caught, so that we can check if the address is correct. In case it is not that site, we can find the correct location for the business.

Google app

Google Location Reminder

From the application of Google we can also add location reminders manually. To do this we open the application, go to its menu and enter Reminders. There we can create reminders by schedule and per site. By clicking on location we can select the business or the address where we want to receive the reminder.

Google Keep

Keep Location Reminder

Finally, we can also create location reminders in Google Keep. To do this we create a note or list and click on the “Reminder” icon that appears in the upper action bar. There we select the option Place, we tell you the name of the place or address and that’s it. We will receive the notification when we reach that site.

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