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How to record phone calls on Android

21 mayo, 2021

Recording calls was possible on Android always using applications, although Google began to make it difficult from Android Pie. Difficult, but not impossible: here is a small guide to learn how to record any call you make or receive on your mobile.

There are several reasons why you might want to record a call: maybe it is an important call, an interview, you want to save data that is said or you simply want to have a memory and record of what you say on the phone. We tell you how to record calls via Android apps free and easy to use.

How to record calls on Android

When it comes to recording calls on Android, you basically have two options: use the option that comes with the system (if it is included in your customization layer) or use a specialized application like the ones we are going to recommend below.

Of course, before you start recording, keep in mind the legality of recording calls. For example, in Spain it is perfectly legal to record calls, as long as they are not shown publicly without the consent of the other person. If you are going to record a call, it is a good idea to notify that other person even if it is out of courtesy and to avoid misunderstandings.

In other countries the legality may be different, so you we always recommend notifying the other person that their recording is going to be recorded to request your consent, in addition to informing you of the current legislation in this regard.

Android Pie or higher?


Since Android Marshmallow there is no official call recording API that app developers can use. However, there were ways to continue recording using workarounds or tricks, for the uninitiated. These tricks stopped working on Android Pie after Google blocked them.

This means that some of the following applications will not work properly on Android Pie, preventing you from recording with full quality. Instead, you can continue recording with the recording from the microphone, with a worse sound quality and in which it is sometimes difficult to hear what the interlocutor is saying. If you have Android 10, we have a whole article telling you the options to record calls.

If your mobile includes a native call recording function, it should continue to work without problem on Android Pie and higher versions, but third-party applications they will give you more trouble. The quickest way to get out of doubt is to try it out for yourself.

Call recording – ACR


One of the most popular applications to record calls on Android is ACR – call recording. It is a free app although it has a Pro version for 1.99 euros in which we can upload these recordings to the cloud.

When installing it, it will ask us for various permissions, including being able to access the audio. From the side menu of the application we will activate the call recording. Once activated we just have to make a call and a notification will appear being recorded. This call will then appear in the main menu where we can play it, share it, add notes or delete it.

Acr Record Calls

From the application settings we can configure many details, be it record calls only for some contacts, choose where files are saved, or auto-delete old conversations.

Call recording - ACR

Call recording – ACRVaries by device

  • Developer: NLL
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity

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Call recorder

Android Call Recorder

Another option is Call Recorder. It has a simpler design but is also free and allows configure call recording to your liking. With Call Recorder we can choose to record all calls, only record those where we specifically mark it or record all except those contacts that we do not want. From the notification panel it will notify us that the call is being recorded.

One detail to keep in mind is that these call recording applications they usually give each other problems when they are active at the same time. For this reason, we recommend that we only have one enabled at the same time.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder5.3

  • Android version: from 2.3
  • Developer: Appliqato
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

CallX call recorder

Record Calls

CallX is another very complete application to record calls on Android. It has a Material Design design and is very easy to use. Again the operation is similar to the rest; we give the permissions, We activate the recording and when we call we will be recorded automatically.

We can choose between MP3 or WAV formats, limit the amount of memory space and upload the conversations to Dropbox or Google Drive. We also have associated a series of gestures to, for example, record when the phone is shaken. CallX also allows you to select favorite contacts, filter calls and that let us add a note right after hanging up.

CallX automatic call recorder

CallX automatic call recorder 4.5

How to record calls from Xiaomi mobiles

Record Xiaomi Calls

One manufacturer that allows you to record calls directly from your phone application is Xiaomi. If you have a mobile with MIUI then you can activate this option. You must go to your own phone app> open settings> call recording> turn on automatic recording. We will not have as many options to configure as with specialized applications, but it also allows us to select to record calls only on specific numbers.