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How to recover the user icon in Chrome

26 mayo, 2021

The latest versions of Chrome, which update automatically in the background, they have changed our avatar for a simple button with our name. You can better identify what credentials you are browsing with, but it looks worse aesthetically (and on top of that it sometimes shows us a wrong user). Let’s see how we can reverse that change to retrieve avatar.

We have the easy way to do it, which is by loading the URL chrome: // flags / # enable-new-avatar-menu and select the “Disabled” option instead of “Default” in section Enable the new avatar menu. It works on Windows, Linux and OS X. If you use Chrome with several accounts, you will see the avatar instead of the name.

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We can also do it manually, loading the URL chrome: // flags and looking for the option Enable the new avatar menu as if you were looking for text on any other website. In both cases, you will have to restart the browser for it to take effect. If you see that after the change nothing calm appears: it is simply that you use Chrome with a single user account and therefore the browser does not show you the option to change.

If at any time you want to return to the button with your name, you can do so by selecting “Default” or directly “Enabled” in the same option. Ready, we can have the user selector as we prefer or directly hide it.

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