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how to remember where you parked the car

26 mayo, 2021

Google Maps is more than known worldwide for being the Google maps application. In constant update, and with a fairly extensive list of functions, the service allows us, among other things, save the location of our parked vehicle.

This option can be activated in a simple way, being very useful for that situation in which almost all drivers have seen each other at some time, get lost looking for the car because we don’t know where we have parked it.

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Have your vehicle always located thanks to Google Maps

Google Maps Parking Vehicle

The process that we are going to describe is valid for both iOS and Android, and it works on practically any version of Google Maps (it does not matter if you are not updated to the most recent one), although we recommend doing so. First, as the strictest logic dictates, we will open the Google Maps application and we will make sure our geolocation is as accurate as possible. In the event that the location is not correct, you can follow our guide on what to do when Google Maps does not geolocate you correctly.

Accurate geolocation is key to finding your vehicle. Changing the GPS accuracy settings and calibrating the compass can help you improve your measurement.

Once we are located by GPS, we only have click on the blue point. When doing so, a new interface will be displayed with information related to our position. It will show us where are we exactly, and three clickable options.

Save Car Parked Google Maps
  • See nearby sites
  • Share location
  • Save parked car location

This last option is the one that concerns us, so we will press it. In doing so, Google Maps will tell us that the location has been saved of the parked car, showing us two new options, more information Y how to get. In the menu more information We can perform various functions related to the location of the vehicle.

Google Maps Parking Options
  • Share location
  • Clear location
  • Change location
  • Write notes about parking
  • Time remaining from where we are to the parking lot
  • Add parking photos

On the other side, as we indicated above, we have the option of how to get, which will establish a route from where we are to where we have parked our vehicle.

In this way, we can locate our vehicle thanks to Google Maps, which in turn will send us notifications when we move away from it, to remind us where we have left it and how we can find it.