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How to remove the background of a photo easily and free with for Android

27 mayo, 2021

There are many applications to remove the background of a photo, although they often leave you a bitter taste with ads, results that are not very good or watermarks. The website has earned a certain reputation as one of the easiest ways to remove the background from a photo, and best of all, it also has an application for Android.

The app is just as easy to use as the web, so removing the background from a photo is as simple as upload it and wait for the result. In most cases the automatic cropping is correct, although if there is an error you can solve it manually. We tell you how it works.

First, the permissions

The first step is the same as we are used to in most applications: grant the necessary permissions. In the case of, the permissions are simply two: access to take photos and videos and access to storage, necessary to be able to choose which photo you want to upload and to be able to save the resulting photo in the mobile storage.


Then upload the photo and enjoy the magic

With the permissions already ready, it’s time to upload the photo you want to erase the background from. The application allows you to use any camera application you have installed (as long as you don’t have Android 11), as well as gallery apps like Google Photos.

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That is, you can take a new photo (using a camera app) or upload a photo that you already have on your mobile, from a gallery app. After choosing the corresponding photo, it will be uploaded to the application’s servers to be processed using artificial intelligence.

Select photo

After a while, the original photo and the photo with the background erased will be loaded into the application, in the tab Removed Background. Although in the beginning worked better with people than with other things -such as animals- today the truth is that the result is quite good in most cases.


If the result satisfies you, you can free download at normal quality (around 500 pixels) or in high quality, which will cost you credits. You can download the first high-quality photo (about 5,000 pixels) for free by creating an account, as they are created with 1 gift credit. You can see the rest of prices here.

If you want, you can refine the result

As we said before, the result is very good in most of our tests, although if you have noticed that it has an error, you can fine-tune it by pressing Edit to open the image editor. In it you can change the background of the image for various predefined backgrounds, upload your own and adjust the crop.


To adjust the trim you must go to the tab Erase / Restore and choose between the tool erase (Erase) or recover (Restore). With it you can paint the part that is background or just the opposite, with options to adjust the size of the brush or how far it is from the finger, so you can better see what you are erasing. - Remove Backgrounds 100% Automatically – Remove Backgrounds 100% Automatically