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How to remove the ‘meet’ tab in Gmail for Android

21 mayo, 2021

Gmail recently received a new update. The main protagonist of this update it was google meet, which has become more deeply integrated into the application than ever before. This means that now, when we open Gmail, we have two sections: one for mail and the other for ‘meeting’.

Whoever is practically never going to use this new section should raise their hand and want to return to the previous interface. If this is your case, we are going to show you how you can remove the section easily, so that this wide bar does not appear at the bottom of the app.

How to make Gmail not show the section ‘meet’

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If you have updated the Gmail application you will see that you now have a fairly high black bar that shows two sections: mail and meet. The mail box is the same as always, in fact, it is the default when we open the app. The one to meet helps us to schedule meetings, join one with code and others. If you are not going to use this function and you do not want it in sight, the solution is simple.

You just have to follow the steps that we show you below, it is easy but you may not have located where is this function disabled.

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Gmail Meet

Logic dictates that this option could be in ‘general settings’, so it is easy to miss it in the first place. However, if we press within the account settings We will find it, and we only have to click on it for Gmail to show itself as it was before this update arrived.