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How to request the work life report online from Social Security

22 mayo, 2021

The working life REPORT It is the official document issued by the General Treasury of the Social Security in which our work activity is collected. In essence, the periods in which a person has been contributing in the Social Security System, whether you have done it as a salaried or self-employed person.

The working life, which contains the dates of registration and withdrawal in an activity, as well as the companies for which we have worked, the professional activities that we have developed as independent workers or the time that we have been quoted in total, it will be necessary for us on numerous occasions and it is important to know how we can easily obtain it online.

We explain how to obtain the work life report even without a digital certificate

Work life: how to order and download it

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In order to order our working life report and download it Through the internet we must go to the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security from, access the section Citizens that we will find in the upper menu and click on Reports and certificates.

In the wide list of procedures available, we will have to locate the one titled Working life REPORT and click on it. In the drop-down that will be shown, we will see the five ways to access the procedure: electronic certificate, username and password of the Social Security system, Cl @ ve system, without certificate or by SMS.

If we do not have any type of digital identification, such as certificates or registration in the Cl @ ve system, we may request that the work life report be sent to our address

Digital certificate vs electronic DNI vs Cl @ ve system: how they differ and which one suits you best according to your needs

The option without certificate is the one that will allow us obtain the work life report physically at our address, which appears in the databases of the General Treasury of Social Security, providing our personal data in order to verify our identity. We will simply have to click on the option and fill in the information requested.

The rest of the access routes, in which we must digitally identify ourselves in one way or another, will allow us to unload the work life on our device or consult it directly on the website.