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How to ride on water with the Rotom pixiegames bike

1 julio, 2021

Instead of having another Surf HM in Pokemon sword and shieldThis time, players can cross the water by unlocking an upgrade for their Rotom Bike that allows them to float and ride in the water. We will show you how to ride on water with the Rotom Bike and how it unlocks that and other accompanying updates.

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How to ride the Rotom bike on water

As you explore the nature of Pokemon Sword and Shield from the beginning, you might be wondering how you can get through the little lakes. After all, there are Pokémon in them, so it’s natural to wonder how you can get close enough to catch them. Turns out this is another update to the Rotom Bike. You will have to advance to Route 9 in Sword and Shield advancing through the game’s main story, where you will eventually come across a scientist and two Team Yell thugs standing in front of a frozen lake.

Approach them and the scientist will tell you to defeat Team Yell’s two grunts in battle. Once you have done this, the scientist will be happy to upgrade your Rotom Bike so that it can now glide smoothly across the surface of the water. Although Team Yell can get around riding a Drednaw, it is unfortunately restricted to the Rotom Bike to traverse the water.

Where to get Rotom bike speed updates

You will notice that if you hold down B while riding the Rotom Bike, you get a temporary speed increase. You’ll have to manually recharge this skill by riding the bike for roughly 5-6 seconds after a push, but this is vital to winning any of the time trials that are scattered across the wild area south of Motostoke.

To upgrade Rotom Bike’s boost feature, you’ll want to find the Pokemon Nursery in this wild area. Check your map and go to the area east of Motostoke, where you should see a small building near the eastern edge of the map. This is the Pokemon Nursery, one of several in Sword and Shield.

Go to the Pokémon nursery, but don’t go inside. Instead, talk to the coach dressed in cycling gear just to the left of the building. He will inform you about Rotom races, time trials that you can participate in to win items. But it will also offer to upgrade your Rotom Bike’s maximum boost speed by 1,000 Watts.

70 Pokemon Sword and Shield: How To Ride On Water With The Rotom Bike
This is where you can get Watts and fight Dynamax Pokemon. | Hirun Cryer / USG, Nintendo

If you don’t already know, acquire Watts in Pokémon Sword and Shield by approaching the glowing shells on the ground, like the one shown below. If the shell is not glowing too brightly, you will be awarded 50 watts, but if the shell is glowing and you can start a Dynamax battle there, you will automatically be awarded 300 watts for participating in it.

Take these Watts to the Pokemon Nursery Trainer, and he will increase the Rotom Bike’s maximum boost speed by 1,000 Watts. However, you can also increase the boost speed of the bike again, a second time, this time by 3,000 watts. Note that both upgrades are stacked on top of each other and will remain with your Rotom Bike for the rest of the game.

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How to ride on water with the Rotom pixiegames bike