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How to save a Flash game on your hard drive to continue playing it when it is no longer compatible with your browser

27 mayo, 2021

Less and less content is seen in Flash during our WWW browsing sessions, and the little that is still seen will not be something we will miss … with an exception: Flash games.

They were very popular until just a few years ago, but in less than four weeks they will be condemned to oblivion when the websites that were hosting them stop working in the main browsers. Or not?

If you are one of those gamers who does not want to give up their favorite games, you have an alternative so that no one prevents you from continuing to use them: download them.

First step: access the game

In this tutorial we will use the most used browser (Google Chrome) as a reference, although the steps do not differ too much from those that we must use with other browsers.

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First of all, we must display the Chrome menu and select ‘Settings’. Once there, we will access the section Privacy and Security> Website Settings.

There, in the ‘Content’ section, we will find the ‘Flash’ element with the current state of its configuration. It will almost certainly indicate us the default setting: ‘Prevent websites from running Flash’; to change it we must click and move the selector to the option ‘Ask before’.

Screenshot 18

Once this is done, the browser will ask us if we want to activate Flash every time we enter a page with this kind of content. So we are ready to start downloading games.

The next step will be access the website that is hosting our favorite gameor. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use as an example ‘Crimson Room’, one of the first virtual ‘escape room’ games (and which many of us play without even knowing the concept yet).

In the previous step we prevented Chrome from blocking the loading of the Flash object, but we have not yet managed to load. To do this, once we access the page in question, we will click on the padlock icon that appears to the left of the web URL: there we can enable Adobe Flash for the domain in question, as seen in the following image:

Screenshot 13

Once enabled, the browser will ask us to reload the web.

Second step: download the game

And that will be when we can take the next step: right-click on the web that we have opened, and select the option “View source code”.

We will then use the key combination Control + F (or Cmd + F, in the case of Macs) to search for a very specific text string: “.swf”, the file extension for Flash objects.

If we are lucky, the search will take us to a link marked in blue. In that case, we just have to right-click on it and select ‘Save as’.

On some occasions we will find more than one SWF file on the same page: in this case normally the one we are interested in will have the same name as the game.

Another situation that can occur is that the file path is not complete; that is, do not start with “”. In this case, we only have to add that part to the relative path inserted in the code:

Screenshot 17

Example of relative or incomplete path.

Once we enter the URL in the Chrome search box, a warning message will be displayed in the download bar to which we must answer indicating that we do want to download the SWF file.

Screenshot 15

In some cases, webmasters may have looked for ways to completely hide the SWF path. In these cases, we will enter the URL of the page where the game is inserted in the following online tool:; and, again, we will proceed to look for the “.swf”.

Third step: run the game

Screenshot 16

We have been able to play ‘Crimson Room’ on a media player without any problem. But we’d better use the official Adobe program.

At this point we already have the game file downloaded to our hard drive. But … what do we do with it? We need a program capable of running it. Various media players (such as Windows Media Player or Pot Player) are capable of this, but some functions (such as keyboard input) may cause problems in some games.

Therefore, the best option is to install the official Adobe program, the Adobe Flash Player (if we did not already have it installed). Download the version ‘Flash Player projector content debugger’, available for Windows, Linux and Mac and, once installed, it will allow us to run the game on our PC and play it just as you did on its website. Clever.