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How to save and organize your favorite photos with Google Images

26 mayo, 2021

Every time we need to find a specific image or a series of images that serve as inspiration, the most normal thing is to resort to Google, to your image search engine. Then the most normal thing is to try to download that image, which is not necessary to have an image saved.

Google images It is no longer just an image search engine, it is also a place to have saved and organized the photos we like the most without having to download them into the memory of our device. Everything saved in the cloud.

Save Google Image
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How do you save a photo from Google Images?

Save Google Image

Well, save an image from the search engine Google images It is very simple. Once the photo is found from the search engine, we just have to open it and click on the option Keep that will appear at the bottom of your information and actions card.

How are they organized?

Save Google Image

Once saved at the bottom of the image search engine, after conducting a search we will find the access View saved that allows us to see our collection of photos saved in Google Images. We can also access directly by entering

Save images

There we can organize our photos by adding them labels. For this we have to select the images and assign the labels we want. To select images we just have to click on the three menu points and select that option. We can also easily select the images that we have recently added as soon as we enter our collection.

Save Google Image

Our collection shows us in one tab all the images organized by date of incorporation and in another tab our photos organized by tags. In each image we will see the article that added that photograph.

To see our saved images and organize them we can also open the google app, open its navigation menu and click on Saved. Your saved photos will appear there alongside our saved Google Maps sites.


What if I want to download it?


If what you want is to have the image on your device to be able to share it on social networks and messages, you will have to download it. For this you will have to make a long press on the image and select the option Download image. It will be saved in the Downloads folder of our device.

Note: This article has been updated in March 2018 to reflect the changes that have happened in this time in the Google application.

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