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How to scan a QR code from a photo or screenshot with an Android mobile

26 mayo, 2021

There are many applications to read QR codes and the best of all is that you almost certainly already have one installed on your mobile. Its use generally involves opening the camera of the mobile and pointing at the QR code, but what if you already have the code on your mobile, in a screenshot or photo that they have sent you?

The good news is that most QR code viewing apps can also open images to identify them, although the process is slightly different. We will see how you can do it without installing anything, with the help of Google Lens.

1. Save the image

Although the Google Assistant is prepared to analyze what is on your screen, the command does not always appear and, if it is an important QR code (for example, a confirmation code for a banking operation), you want to make sure that that you have a copy on your mobile. The easiest way is obviously to take a screenshot, although some applications will allow you as well save the image with the code directly on the mobile.


For example, the images that are sent to you by Telegram are not saved by default on the mobile, but you must use the context menu to save them in the gallery. In WhatsApp they are recorded, although they may not be shown in the gallery, if you have it configured. You will need to save the image first to be able to open it with Google Lens.

2. Open it with Google Lens

The next step is to open Google Lens. There are several ways to do it, such as from the Google Assistant. Another fairly simple way is from Google Photos. You must first find the photo or screenshot that you just saved (if you can’t see it with the naked eye, look in the Albums tab, in Photos on device).

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Now comes the easy part, open the photo in large and press the button Google Lens. In a moment the Google Lens image recognition will open, which will generally recognize the QR code automatically.


If for any reason Google Lens opens in any of the other modes (translation, shopping, food …), tap on the icon and choose the general option, from the magnifying glass, which is the one that recognizes QR codes. In photos where there are many elements that can confuse Google Lens, tap on the code to force its recognition.