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How to schedule messages in Telegram to be sent when a contact connects

24 mayo, 2021

If Telegram undoubtedly surpasses WhatsApp in something, without the possibility of any discussion, it is in functionalities. It is an absolute irrefutable truth.

The blue messaging application, a direct rival to the Facebook platform, regularly includes all kinds of extremely interesting features, such as the one that we discover in this article: the possibility of scheduling messages to be sent just when one of our contacts has connected.

When our contact connects, the message will reach him. As simple as that.


How to send messages when the exact moment a contact connects

If we already know how to program messages on Telegram, you are one step away from programming messages sent instantly when someone connects. That is, when you are online, with the application open before your eyes.

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The process is as simple as the following:

  1. Choose the conversation in which you want to do it and write a message in the text box.

  2. Hold down the button Send, the one with the paper plane, or if they are in the computer application, right click on that same button.

  3. From the options that will appear in a floating menu, choose Schedule message.

  4. When the possibility of choosing a date and time appears, click on the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right part of the box.

  5. Select the option Send when [Nombre del contacto] be online.

If the three points that we indicate and that you can see in the screenshots of this article do not appear in your application, it probably will not be an error: if your contact has disabled the ability to see that he is online this option will naturally not work. If yes, good news, you can carry out the process that we explain to you.

The message in question will appear, like the rest of the programmed ones, in the corresponding section which we can access from the calendar icon with a red dot that will appear on the right side of the chat text box.

When our contact connects, the message will reach him. As simple as that.