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How to schedule messages on WhatsApp to send them at a specific time

23 mayo, 2021

If you need send a message on WhatsApp at a specific time, the normal thing is to wait for the moment, write the message and send it. However, there are ways to schedule messages on WhatsApp with the help of third-party applications.

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to schedule messages per se, but the developers have found a way to achieve this using ingenuity and special accessibility permissions. We tell you how you can easily schedule messages on WhatsApp.

1. Install Wasavi


There are several applications on Google Play that promise to allow you to schedule messages on WhatsApp, all of them relying on a similar modus operandi. They simulate the same actions that you would take when sending a message when the stipulated time arrives.

We have used Wasavi for this purpose, although it would probably be useful with other similar applications. An advantage of Wasavi is that it is easy to use and you don’t need to register or do anything too weird.

Chat Automation and Scheduling for WhatsApp

Chat Automation and Scheduling for WhatsApp

2. Grant the necessary permissions

The first time you open Wasavi, it will ask you to grant it various permissions. They are three permits in total and somewhat tricky, although the privacy policy is blunt: they do not save any data and what happens on your phone stays on your phone.

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The application guides you through the process of setting these permissions. You need to give it permission to overlay on top of other apps, permission to accessibility and permission to access your contacts.


The permission to overlay on other apps is used to display a floating toolbar above WhatsApp, while accessibility permission is required for the application to serve its purpose. Access to contacts is necessary to be able to schedule messages from the application itself.

3. Set your scheduled message

Now for the funniest part: schedule the message per se. As we mentioned before, the application adds a floating bar on top of WhatsApp with which you can program messages for the chat that you have open at that moment, but another way to do it is from the application itself.

Use the floating button and choose Schedule Message to open the composition screen for a new message. You must choose a contact from the list and write the message you want to send in the box below. Right below you can choose a specific date and time to which you want the message to be sent.


You have two options for the message to be sent: fully automatic or as a notification. If you leave checked Ask me before sending message, you will receive a notification at the exact time to send the message or not. If you uncheck it, the message is sent without you having to confirm anything.

Please note that the application you need the mobile to be unlocked at the time the message is sent. The application can work only if you have the mobile without protection, with swipe to unlock or with PIN code.

4. Wait

I sent

Now you just have to wait for the time of the scheduled message to arrive. If you chose to receive a notification, at the chosen time you will receive a notification with two options: Send or Let Me. If you press Send, it is shipped without further ado. If you press let me, the chat opens with the message, but it is you who must press the button (ideal if you want to modify it before sending it).

If you chose that the message be sent without further ado, you will see how the mobile opens the WhatsApp chat by itself, puts the text and sends it by itself. Of course, the mobile will show a countdown before each shipment, in case you regret it or want to postpone it.