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how to search for something on Twitter and Facebook without despair

26 mayo, 2021

We all know how to search something on Google and more than one will have their first steps taking advantage of the advanced options of that search engine, but What about that tweet you wrote a while ago? No, open your profile and start doing scroll for half an hour is not a very efficient method to find it.

Over time, searching for messages that we have (or someone has) posted on social media is something that is increasingly needed. And the truth is that there are tools, unknown to many, that facilitate these searches on both Facebook and Twitter. Let’s see some tips that take advantage of them without needing to be experts.

Twitter: search operators are our friends

Twitter Search

The Twitter search engine It is not limited to finding keywords or hashtags. There are many more options that can save our lives to find a specific tweet:

  • “Search for something in quotes”As in Google, it will return tweets that contain exactly the same phrase.
  • If we add from: genbeta whatever we search, the results will be filtered showing only those made by the @genbeta Twitter account.
  • A subtle difference: if we put to: genbeta We will see the tweets in which @genbeta is directly mentioned. If we put only “@genbeta“We will see tweets in which the mention does not appear at the beginning of the message but somewhere else.
  • If we add near: Barcelona whatever we are looking for, only those tweets that have been made in the city of Barcelona will appear. And if we also add within: 10mi, the tweets that have been made within a 10-mile radius around Barcelona will be displayed.
  • If we add filter: links whatever we search, we will see only the tweets that contain a link.
  • If we add to the search since: 2015-01-15, we will only see tweets that were published on January 15, 2015 or later.

Note that, with only these operators and some memory, we can directly search for tweets by person, content type, location, or date, fine-tuning much more than if we were only searching for keywords.

Facebook: Graph Search is more capable than you think

Searching for something on Facebook isn’t too difficult either, although we no longer have those flexible Twitter operators. Just use Graph Search Beyond the simple word: if for example we are looking for the publication of a friend of ours named Diego and we remember that it was a trip to Greece, we can write “Diego Grecia” in Graph Search. Remember that this search engine is also capable of locating keywords in comments.

Additionally, we can also search for something by hashtags. Yes, Facebook also has Hashtags. A quick way to do it is directly by typing the address so that a list of public messages appears with that label included.

And of course, we can always search using the vocabulary that made Graph Search popular: “Photos that my friends have taken in Madrid“,”Messages from my friends who like Coldplay“They are accepted searches that return exactly what you imagine. Another point to keep in mind is that on Facebook we will not be able to see all the results: only those whose owners have allowed to be seen publicly or only his friends in case you are one of them.

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