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How to see and change the password of the Wi-Fi Zone of an Android mobile

24 mayo, 2021

There are several ways to share the Internet connection with an Android mobile, although the most popular is undoubtedly through Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi access point, Wi-Fi Hostpost or Wi-Fi Zone. Creating an access point with your mobile is as easy as pressing a button, although other people will need know the password to connect.

Android phones come preconfigured with a preset name for the access point and a random password, but you can consult and change easily from the access point settings.

Know the password for the Wi-Fi zone

Consult and change the password for the mobile hotspot It is very easy, although you should bear in mind that the different customization layers usually change the name and sometimes the position of the menus slightly. The screenshots correspond to pure Android, although the process is usually very similar. As always, if you can’t find the option, use the settings finder at the top.

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First, enter the mobile settings and go to the section of Network and Internet, which is usually placed first of all. Inside it, tap on Wi-Fi zone / Share connection or other similar names, depending on the customization layer.

Step 1

The next step is to touch the section WiFi access point, where the configuration of the shared connection is included. If you want, you can change the name of the access point in the first section. If you only want to know the password, tap on Access point password.

WIFI zone

You will then be shown the password that the Wi-Fi Zone has and, if you want, you can change it writing a new password of your choice. This password will be valid the next time you start the mode of sharing the connection with the mobile. In summary, these are the steps to know the password of the access point of an Android mobile:

  • Enter the Settings

  • Go to Network and Internet

  • Go into WiFi access point

  • Tap on Access point password

  • You will then see the password. If you want to change it, edit the text and press To accept.