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How to see filtered (and hidden) messages from strangers from Messenger

22 mayo, 2021

Facebook has been automatically filtering messages from strangers (that is, people you don’t have on your friends list). In the web version it is not too difficult to find these filtered messages, as they are easily accessed from the messages section, but when you try to do the same from Android, things get complicated.

So, if you are not used to checking these hidden messages from time to time, you may have a few messages sent by someone who tried to contact you before adding you as a friend, and you without knowing it! Don’t worry, you can also check them from Messenger for Android, but the truth is that the option is quite hidden.

In the “People” menu

Seeing these hidden messages is not difficult … once you know where the option is. First of all, go to the last tab of the top bar, the one that contains the application options, and touch the section People.


Here you will find the section Message requests, which is the name that Facebook uses to group the messages sent by people who are not your friends on Facebook. Touch this option to see the list of messages you have received and what maybe they are spam... or maybe not.

In my case, I don’t have too many messages because I’m used to checking it from time to time from the web version of Facebook, but there are people who may come across an arsenal of messages that I had no idea about. If you find something useful here, don’t forget to answer it: better late than never.

Hidden messages

As they would say in the early morning announcements of the Teletienda, “but wait, there’s still more.” In addition to message requests, you may also have filtered requests. A filtrate within the filtrate. The black hole of messages. To see if you have any messages, tap View filtered requests.

Filtered Messages

The filtered message requests are shown below the previous ones, semi-transparent as to remind you that you will almost certainly not be interested. By tapping on any of the messages you have the possibility to answer, if that person is still on Facebook and has not blocked you.

What are message requests?

According to Facebook, message requests are alerts you receive when a person that maybe you know sends you a message. When you receive one, a banner at the top of the “Recent” tab should have warned you about it, with the ability to Ignore or reply to it. It is a similar behavior to that of Hangouts. In short, it could simply be called messages “pending“.

For their part, filtered message requests they are basically the same thing, but that Facebook has pre-filtered thinking that they probably do not interest you because they are spam. Formerly Facebook put these messages in the Others folder, with some options to configure the aggressiveness of the filtering.

Finally, do not forget that there is yet another bottomless pit, the archived messages. By default, when you delete a Messenger conversation, it is not deleted but is archived, all messages staying here.

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