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How to see how many cities you have visited on Google Maps

25 mayo, 2021

If you want keep track of which places you have visited, you basically have two options. Either you keep a meticulous record on your own or let Google do it for you. If this second option sounds interesting to you, one of the advantages is that you can easily access the information from Google Maps.

For this to be possible, you must have the location history activated, but otherwise you do not need to do anything else. You have two ways to check this information: from Google Maps or with an e-mail that Google sends you monthly with a summary.

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See the places you have visited

To see the places you have visited on Google Maps, you must have Location History activated. This history keeps a record of where you go and when, which you can modify or delete at any time. Keep in mind that the information of the places you have visited is strictly based on this history, so that only the sites you have visited since you have it activated will be counted.

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Do you have two ways to see the summary of cities and countries you have visited. For one thing, Google sends a monthly email with a summary. On the other hand, you can also consult it at any time from Google Maps.

From the e-mail

If you just want to have a general summary, the good news is that you don’t have to do anything. Google will send you a message every month with the subject “here you have the news of your chronology”. They are weekly and annual summaries with the countries, cities and places you have visited.

Activity summary

The list includes the cities and places you have visited, as well as some additional data such as how many kilometers you have walked or have passed by public transport. These emails are sent automatically when you turn on location history, but you can check if you have them turned on by going to Location history and clicking on the settings.

From Google Maps

The summary email is fine, but it only gives you a general idea, without being able to go into detail. If you want to see what places you have visited more calmly and in depth, you can do it from Google Maps. After the change in the Google Maps interface, you will find the timeline tapping on your profile picture, and then enter Your timeline.


This chronology shows where you have been at all times, although if you want a more general summary then you should enter the Cities tab. This list covers all the time that the location history has been activated, and it will show you the list of cities. You can sort the list by number of sites within each city or by alphabetical order.

Cities Visited

The list of cities includes some places that are not really cities, so if you want a more homogeneous list it is better that you enter the World tab. The result is similar, but now the countries you have visited are shown, ordered by default by the number of cities you have visited in each one.

By tapping on a country, you will see the cities within that country that you have visited, and by tapping on each city you will see the cities you visited in that country. Finally, by tapping on each city you will see the different sites you visited in it.

Countries and cities

This information is only visible to you, although if you want you can remove any site from the list. To do this you just need to tap on the contextual menu button in that place and choose Delete all visits. This is not available for cities or countries, so if you want to remove them from the list you have to remove all the places inside.