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how to see the most listened to artists and songs of 2019 and the decade

27 mayo, 2021

With the arrival of December 2019 we see how all the services that we use on a day-to-day basis begin to launch the lists of the most listened to during the year (yes, although in this month that remains until January 2020, everything can still change a lot) . What changes a lot this year is that although mathematically it does not end until 2020, the end of the decade of the 2010s is celebrated. With this, in addition, the interest grows to see how we have changed throughout these years.

To see how our musical taste has evolved, we can go to Spotify Wrapped, where we can see in 16 consecutive slides not only what we listen to the most in now and in previous years, but the changes in styles that occur in our habits in the same year.

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Access the best of 2019 through the web and through the application


In addition to the web that we have provided, Every year Spotify creates playlists in which it allows us to relive the most listened to, so that we always have those songs at hand when we want to remember a specific time. This year, to relive 2019, we will have to go to the ‘Explore’ tab. There, as we will see in the screenshot, the list will appear ‘Wrapped 2019‘. Within it, scrolling, we will find a lot of information about us, our country and global.

Top Decade

Spotify even generates lists for us of the best of the time, as a recommendation, since there are artists that I have never heard:

Lists 2019

If we go to the web, in the different slides we will be offered details that although they are not as curious as those of other years, are also loaded with information. For example, I can see that from January to March, my listening changed a lot. I listen to many genres, but I go through times.


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And we finally get to the most listened to in the year and in the decade in one of the last slides, where I can see that this year I have listened to 32,296 minutes, and that my most listened to genre in 2019 has been Pop. In the decade it is Rock, so my tastes may have changed a bit. Although, yes, keep in mind that my account is from 2017, despite having used Spotify long before.

Most Heard

Since that last slide, we can directly share the images in the background color we want, and in the social network we want. Spotify promotes this as a way to convey to our friends what we like, and thus get the recommendations to expand.