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How to send an anonymous email

22 mayo, 2021

More and more people are aware of the importance of preserving privacy, especially as you see how it may be being violated even without our realizing it. Among these people, there are those especially jealous of her, who do everything possible to minimize her footprint on the network as much as possible.

If you are one of them or if you just want to tell someone something without them knowing who you are, you may want to know how you can send an anonymous email. Today we are going to propose several ways to do it, from the simplest and available to anyone to other equally simple but with even less complications.

Create an anonymous email account

Google account

Although it is not the one that best takes care of your privacy, the simplest method to send an anonymous email is to create a new account without providing personal data. Yes, when using a specific email at the level of agencies and online services, everything that is sent can be related to the specific address, but at least whoever receives your emails will not know who you are.

To start the process you have to enter Gmail and log out of your Google account. If you don’t want to log out of sessions, enter Gmail using the private browsing mode of the browser. Once on the main screen, give the link of Create Account What will you see below the box to log in.

Gmail account

Here the key would be that when creating your anonymous email do not give any type of data with which you can be identified. Neither your name, nor your surnames, nor your date of birth, and of course do not enter your previous email address or your phone number. Come on, when someone receives your mail there can be nothing that makes them suspect that it is you.

For the rest, once registered you can use the email in a normal way, and even register with it wherever you want, although you will have to log out of your usual account to start it with the anonymous one every time you want to send an email with it. In any case, is one of the simplest methods to send anonymous emails, although as we have said before not the only one.

Anonymous emails with BlackStamp


But if you don’t want to go around creating secondary accounts or closing and starting Gmail sessions, the easiest alternative is to use the service offered by the BlackStamp website. Offer emails and the ability to reply to them, all anonymously so that no one can access our identity or know through what service we have sent the mail.

The only thing you have to do here is, when writing the address of whoever you want to send the mail to, replace the at sign with at007 and add @ to the end. For example, if you want to send an email to you will have to write


You can write the email directly from the Gmail website, the Microsoft website or with any email client you have installed on your computer. The only essential thing is remember to modify the address to which you are going to send it. From your email, the service will create an anonymous email account with random numbers for the emails you send with your address, an account that will not be uploaded to any application database.

When the person you sent the email to receives it, the sender that will appear in it will be Incognito mailer. Also, in the end it will be explained to you that it is an incognito email sent through, and you will even be given the option to stop receiving any anonymous messages from that app.

Of course, one thing must be taken into account. In addition to the message you send, if you have a signature configured in your email account this will also appear in the message. Therefore, if you are going to send an anonymous message, remember to deactivate it if you do not want to give yourself away.

Another of the curiosities of this service is that whoever receives the mail you can reply to the anonymous address, and you will receive that response in your inbox. You can have a conversation limited to five incognito emails per week, and your anonymous address will remain active for the duration of the conversation.

It is also important to know that BlankStamp has protection systems against spam, specifically so that we do not use it to annoy other people. Therefore, the moment five recipients block the account you use with their service, your account will be automatically suspended.

Other services and specialized pages


Beyond these two simple tricks, there is a whole ecosystem of applications that promises to be able to send you anonymous emails. Some of them are paid, and others just don’t seem too trustworthy. Here we have to be a little careful with the services we use, especially if we are concerned about the data that may be obtained from us.

In any case, there are other perfectly reliable alternatives such as ProtonMail, a encrypted mail service developed by CERN and open to all audiences a few months ago. Its objective is to safeguard the privacy of citizens’ communications from the massive surveillance carried out by certain governments and institutions.

You also have several pages to create unique and / or temporary emails. does this by giving you a fun and stylish domain, 10MinuteMail generates a random name that you can only use for ten minutes, while other pages like AnonyMouse make us forget about domains to go directly to action by writing the email and leaving the rest to her.

Image | Bogdan Suditu