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How to send Popcorn Time content to Chromecast from your mobile or PC

25 mayo, 2021

Popcorn Time is one of the most controversial and cool applications that have seen the light on the internet in recent years. The facilities offered to users to do torrent streaming Without having to complicate your life with aggregators, download managers, or files of any kind, they make it very attractive for all types of users.

Although originally it had a very short life and disappeared from the web in less than it takes to write “Hollywood”, thanks to its open nature the code was reused and the project has been kept alive by different groups.

What was originally just a desktop app, now can be used from Android devices and also offers Chromecast compatibility. This function is a mystery to many and for this reason we will teach you how to take full advantage of it.

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Download the correct Popcorn Time

It is important that before we start with this we download one of the good versions. Popcorn Time has many clones and some have engaged in mistrust-inspiring practices. Some versions may have malware and be unsafe for your team.

The safe and official version from the community can only be downloaded from Popcorn Time is available in beta for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and Android TV. A version for iOS has been in the works for a long time and will apparently be ready when it’s ready.

In order to install the Android version, you must download the APK file from the official website. You will also need to allow the installing apps from unknown sources from the system settings. Open the Settings menu, then go to the Security section and activate the Unknown sources option.

Cast content from Popcorn Time to Chromecast

The function for cast series and movies from the Popcorn Time desktop app to the Chromecast It has been around for quite some time, yet few people take advantage of it or realize that it is there. Using it is extremely simple.

Make sure that both your Chromecast and the computer where you have Popcorn Time installed are connected to the same network (many of us have more than one at home). The Google device must be connected to the power and the television to be recognized, do not start the Popcorn Time application until the Chromecast is not ready or the application will not recognize it.

Popcorn Time Windows

Finished the “difficult” part, now you just have to start Popcorn Time, select the content you want to see, and instead of pressing the “See now” button you should click on the pochoclín icon that appears next to it.

This button allows us to choose the player to which we want to send the video, if our Chromecast is connected, it will appear in the list along with other options such as VLC and the same internal Popcorn Time player.

Send content from Popcorn Time on Android to Chromecast

While the feature in the desktop app is convenient, it is much more powerful send content directly from our smartphone without having to touch the computer Never. Unlike the desktop application, on Android it is a bit more complicated, as there is no option to send to the Chromecast, so we have to use a third party to help.

What we are interested in knowing is that the application of Popcorn Time for Android also allows us to choose the player that we want to use to watch content. So the logic indicates that we simply must install a player with support for the Chromecast and we will be ready.

In the Play Store you will get dozens of options to cast from Android, but very few work without problems or are compatible with Popcorn Time. LocalCast is for now the one that offers one of the best experiences and it is quite simple to use.

The first thing you have to do is download LocalCast, although the app is free, it includes a fairly large number of ads. You can bear them without patience, but if they bother you too much you have several payment options to get rid of them.

Popcorn Time Android

Once that app is installed, it’s time to set up Popcorn Time for Android: open the menu on the left by clicking on the three-line icon and choose the Preferences option. Tap on Default Video Player and select LocalCast from the list that appears. Go back to the content menu and choose the series or movie you want to see.

Once enough parts of the video have been downloaded to start streaming, Popcorn Time will offer you the option to start external player. This will automatically start LocalCast, if your Chromecast is connected you will see the option to send the content directly to your TV.

Popcorn Time Android Chromecast

From LocalCast you can control the playback and luckily add your own subtitles. Although Popcorn Time for Android offers the option to add subtitles directly, this does not work when we send the video to the Chromecast.

In this case you will have to download your own subtitle file from your mobile and add it using LocalCastIt’s just a couple of extra steps but it’s totally worth it. Sites like and are good options. The subtitle file usually has a .srt or .sub extension and on Android it is always saved in the “Downloads” folder.

From the LocalCast playback window you just have to click on the Subtitle option just below the controls, navigate through the folders in your device’s memory until you find the downloaded file and then just wait for them to be added to the current playback.