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How to set comments on Instagram

24 mayo, 2021

Instagram has announced you just activated a new feature in post comments. This measure is embedded in a series of measures announced a few months ago, focused on minimizing negative comments and give more prominence to positives.

To do this, it is now possible post comments in a post of his own on Instagram. Pinned comments appear at the top of a post, and its authors are notified that their comment has been highlighted.

How to set comments on Instagram

If you have posted something on Instagram and the comments are leaving the hills of Úbeda, you have the possibility to redirect them – or at least try – using the new function to set comments. Instagram lets you pin up to three comments in a single post.

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Pinned comments appear above all, regardless of when they have been sent, by whom or the number of likes they have obtained. You can only post comments on your own posts.

Posting a comment is very easy. Open the comment view for a post and make a long tap on the one you want to erase. The new pushpin button will then appear at the top, with which you can set that comment. The first time you do it, Instagram shows you an information window explaining the function.

Set comment

The button will appear only in other people’s own threads: you can’t post your own comments no responses to other comments. For the rest, remember that Instagram will send a notification to the person who sent the comment you have posted. In short, this is the process to post a comment on Instagram:

  • Open post comment view

  • Long tap on the comment you want to pin

  • Tap the pin icon

  • If the warning window appears, press Post comment