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How to set up a new Android mobile

22 mayo, 2021

Be it a gift or a personal purchase, Brand new mobile is something we love; That of opening the box, removing the protective plastics and turning on the new toy is quite a ritual, but before we can fully enjoy our new Android, we have to get it ready.

The configuration is another part of the ritual of brand new mobile, surely the most important. This is when we connect to the Internet, add our Google account, pass the data from the old mobile and customize the new one to our liking. But wait, wait … Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In this guide we give you the keys to configure your new Android without leaving anything to use it as soon as possible.

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Android setup wizard

Start up an Android mobile It is a very simple process thanks to the initial configuration wizard that guides us During all the process. The screenshots that you will see below have been obtained from an LG V30. Depending on the mobile model you are using, the order of the different sections or the design may change, but they essentially deal with the same areas.

Choosing the language

New Android Settings

Here there is no loss, in all Android the first step is always to select the language and, in some cases, the region. Additionally, you can also configure the accessibility options in case you need any of them.

Let’s connect to the internet

New Android Settings

The next screen in the setup menu shows the option to insert a SIM card. Here you can choose two ways: click on ‘Skip’ and save this step for the end, or insert the SIM. We prefer to leave it for last, but it can be done now. If you decide to follow the order, remember that many mobiles have the SIM in a small tray that is extracted with a kind of spike that comes in the box.

It is also important to know the size of the SIM, which will be either MicroSIM or NanoSIM. In the event that the size changes from the old mobile to the new one, you might have to use an adapter or order a new one from your carrier (You can also cut it at home, but be careful because it can go wrong). By the way, do not forget the SIM PIN, necessary for it to connect to mobile networks

In the next section we will have to access the Internet, but be careful because here it is important to connect via WiFi. If you do not have access to a stable WiFi network that offers good speed, you can access it through your SIM’s mobile network, but we always recommend WiFi to avoid consuming a lot of data. To connect to a WiFi network, simply select it from the list of available networks and enter the password.

Login to Google and dump the backup (if you have it)

New Android Settings

On the next screen we have two options: configure the mobile from scratch or copy information from another mobile. Regardless of the option selected, the next step is to log into your Google account or, if it is your first Android, create a new one. If you already had an account, in addition to logging in, also all contact data, calendar events, notes, emails and more will be synced.

New Android Settings

In the event that you came from another Android mobile and you had the backup option activated, your old mobile should appear in the list of used devices -Look at the team name and when it was last used.

In addition to the data associated with your Google account, this option allows you to reinstall all the apps you had on the other mobile, although you can also display the list and choose which ones you want and which ones you don’t. It may be a good time to clean up. But hey, we will talk more about backups and installation of applications later.

Security method

New Android Settings

Safety is a very important point and We strongly recommend adding some kind of lock to the terminal. The most comfortable thing is to configure the fingerprint if your mobile includes a reader, which will most likely be a recent model.

Whether you have a fingerprint reader or not, it is necessary to configure an additional security method that can be a pattern, a PIN or a letter and number password. The password is the most secure, although not exactly comfortable, here the most recommended is a numeric PIN or a pattern.

Setting up Google Services

New Android Settings

This is the typical section in which we click OK without actually reading the options that are marked, but it is worth losing a few moments doing so. In Google Services we have options such as creating a backup in Drive, activating the location, using Bluetooth or sending system data to Google. All of them can be configured after Settings, So it is not crucial that you make a decision as soon as you turn on the mobile.

Hello assistant

New Android Settings

The last step in the initial setup is to give permission (or deny it) for the Google Assistant to store your Location History. This is a more delicate section since the terminal will collect the sites you visit so that the assistant can give you information of interest.

The list of locations is private and can be deleted at any time, but it is important to know about this option. If you want to know more, we leave you a link to a more detailed article:

How to delete your Google data and history

How to transfer the data from the old mobile to the new one

Pass Android data

Android has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, but transferring all data from one mobile to another is still a point to improve. In this case there is no single method And it will depend on factors such as the platform of your previous mobile and, above all, where you have stored the information.

In addition, the main problem with the different ways to make a backup on Android is that they do not copy all the information as it happens in iOS, so it is almost always necessary to use several methods in combination. We give you the keys to transfer data from one mobile to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Making a backup

Android Backups

As we said before, Android offers a native option to save a backup in the cloud, but there are manufacturers who offer their own tools such as Mobile Switch by LG or Smart Switch by Samsung, so check that your new mobile has one of these options before continuing.

How to backup your data on Android

Your Google account is your friend

Backups Android Google account

As we said before, if you have a Google account already created and you used it on your previous mobile, just by logging in, a lot of data will be transferred to your new mobile. The only requirement is that you have activated the synchronization of the information that interests you in the old mobile, something that is already configured in this way by default.

With the Google account the calendar events, Chrome bookmarks and history, contacts, application data, Google Drive documents, Keep notes or Gmail emails. If you also had Smart Lock configured on the previous mobile, you will be able to access all your passwords.

The solution to never lose your mobile contacts: save them all in your Google account

Smart Lock passwords, this is the password manager that Google has integrated into Android

Use Google Photos, you won’t regret it

Google Photos

Google Photos is probably one of the most practical Google apps. You probably already know it, but it is worth remembering that with this service we have unlimited and free storage for life (photos up to 16 megapixels and FullHD videos). And this means? Well what In addition to having all our photos safely in the cloud, transferring them to another mobile is a piece of cake.

The same method of the Google account applies here, just by logging in, the photos start to be saved. If you didn’t already have it configured, all you have to do is activate the backup of Google Photos on the old mobile and wait for all the stored photos and videos to be uploaded. Here it is important to choose the terminal folders that we want to copy in Menu – Device folders and make the copy via WiFi as it can take a long time.

The next step is open Google Photos on the new mobile and log in with the same Google account and the images will appear as if by magic. From here patience and WiFi, which will also take its own time, but no problem because it is copied in the background.

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What if you come from iPhone?

Go from iOS to Android

First thing: welcome to Android. That said, although it may seem that passing data from a different platform is more complicated, Switching from iPhone to Android is easier than it sounds thanks to Drive, although there are more options. We explain it more fully here:

Life is much easier with Android: so you can go from iOS to Android

Install and configure applications

Android apps

If you have dumped a backup in the setup wizard, you will have many of your favorite applications already installed, but if you have started the setup as a new mobile, it’s time to install apps. Here are some essential ideas to get you started:

Android essential app kit: more than 40 applications that we recommend installing on your new mobile

But there is something that nobody gets rid of when new mobile is released, it does not matter if they have made a copy or have started from scratch: configure certain apps. Here are some tips to get your new Android up and running as soon as possible:

  • Configure your messaging app: be it WhatsApp, Telegram or both, activating your main communication tool deserves the first place in the configuration.
  • Access your password manager: if you use a service type 1Password or LastPass, log in so you can have all your passwords at hand.
  • Log in to your social networks: if you use an app such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to be able to access and receive notifications, remember that you have to log in first.

Give it a personal touch

Android skate

Your new Android already has all the information from your old mobile and all your apps are working. The setup is finished, but still a key part is missing: personalization. This is where you’ll finish making the terminal your own, here are some ideas:

Change the wallpaper

android wallpapers

The home screen of your new mobile may seem perfect as it is, but if you prefer to decorate it to your liking, you can start the wallpaper. Tap on an empty spot on the screen Start and explore the options that the terminal includes.

If you don’t like any background always you can download one from the browser or using a specific app.

Nine applications so that your mobile wallpaper changes automatically

Add widgets

android widgets

In addition to app icons, you can also place some widgets on the home screen. It is true that widgets are not as popular as a few years ago, there are many that are very useful such as the Google search bar, the Calendar widget or the weather widget. Our recommendation is that you do not load the home screen with many widgets, but you …