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How to share an Android application as APK

23 mayo, 2021

One of the advantages of Android is that it is relatively easy share apps without having to rely on the store. This is possible thanks to the fact that the applications can be easily installed from an APK file and the use of applications that make the process even easier.

There are many applications capable of extract the APK of the apps installed on the mobile -even Google Files allows it- but we will focus on ML Manager, one of the most popular apps that works really well.

Extract the APK of any installed app

The first step is, obviously, to get hold of the tool that we are going to use. As we mentioned before, there are many apps to extract APKs on Google Play, but we will use ML Manager, which is free and easy to use.

ML Manager: Extract APK

ML Manager: Extract APK

As usual, the first steps are to accept permissions and privacy policies. The only permission required is access to the photos and files on the device, while the privacy policy, which you can consult here, is standard.


One of the benefits of the application is that it shows all the installed applications in an alphabetical list with a pleasant design. Each application has two options: Extract or Share APK. Extract save the APK on the mobile, while Share It does that and then makes it easy for you to share the APK with your friends.

What is the .XAPK format and why is it useful for installing heavy apps and games on Android

Thus, to extract the APK of an application you simply need to press Extract. The process is generally so fast that it can be difficult to tell if something has happened or not. The way to find out is the number that appears in “the APK tray”. Tap on it and all the APKs you have extracted are displayed.

Extracting things The process to extract an APK

These APKs are saved in the default folder of the application (and that you can change in the settings, especially if you are having a problem extracting the APKs). If you are extracting the APK to share with your friends, it is more practical to choose Share APK, but the extract option serves as a backup or to keep a copy for yourself.

Share any app with its APK

Another advantage of ML Manager is that the process of sharing an application with other people is extremely easy. You don’t need to extract and then share the file, the app does it for you. To do this you just need to touch Share APK in the application that interests you.

This opens the function Android share with applications that support sending APK files. Some of your most common options are WhatsApp, Telegram or Gmail, although your mobile could add other additional functions such as sending via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct.


Choose the recipient and share the APK. It is a quick way to share applications with friends and it also has the advantage that it does not require the use of data or even an Internet connection, as it can be carried out via Bluetooth or sending via Wi-Fi.