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How to share your Android data connection with other devices

21 mayo, 2021

Thanks to our mobile devices and their data rates, we are connected to the Internet at all times. Unless we have coverage problems, we always carry an Internet connection with us that can be very useful share so other devices can connect to the internet at a certain time.

Since Android 2.2, almost all devices allow us to do tethering, that is, share our data connection so that we can have Internet on our laptop or tablet, or to give Internet to that friend who has run out of data or coverage. The most common is to share the connection using a Wi-Fi access point, although it can also be done via Bluetooth and with a USB cable.

Share your connection with Wi-Fi

Sharing the Internet connection of our mobile with our mobile very easy. To do this you must enter the Android settings and go to the section Network and Internet. Then enter the section Wi-Fi zone / Share connection and tap on WiFi access point.

Keep in mind that different layers of Android, as well as previous versions of Android, can change the name and order of the menus. If you can’t find the fit, you can always use the search engine on top.


Your Android mobile comes from the factory with a standard configuration for this access point, which is generally the name of the mobile for the Wi-Fi connection and an automatically generated password. If you want you can change name and password from the Wi-Fi access point by tapping on it.

Similarly, if you don’t know what the password is from the access point by touching the field Access point password it will be shown to you. As soon as you have everything ready, you just need to turn on the switch.

Set up You can view the access point name and password or change it with one tap

Please note that you only need to do this setup the first time. Most modern Android phones include a quick access to enable and disable Wi-Fi hotspot from the Android Quick Settings. In this way, you just have to open the notification panel and tap on WIFI zone

WIFI zone

In summary, these are the necessary steps to create a Wi-Fi access point so that other people can connect to the Internet taking advantage of the data connection of your Android mobile:

  • Hate Settings

  • Walk into Network and Internet

  • Walk into Wi-Fi zone / Share connection

  • Tap on WiFi access point

  • Activate the switch.

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Share the connection via Bluetooth

It is less common these days, but it is also possible to share the Internet connection via Bluetooth. This method has the advantage that it does not disconnect the Wi-Fi connection, so you can use it to share the Wi-Fi connection with another device that does not have Wi-Fi, but does have Bluetooth.

The process is basically the same, only even easier, since there is no configuration. I mean, you just have to enter Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi zone / Share connection and activate Share connection via Bluetooth.


The other mobile must search for Bluetooth devices and connect to the first mobile. If all goes well, the mobiles will share an Internet connection via Bluetooth, not particularly fast, but useful for emergencies or specific cases in which sharing via Wi-Fi is not an option. That is, these are the steps:

  • On the mobile that shares the connection, go to Settings

  • Go into Network and Internet

  • Tap on Wi-Fi zone / Share connection

  • Active Share connection via Bluetooth

  • On the other device, connect via Bluetooth to the previous mobile

Share the USB cable connection

The two previous methods are more popular, since they do not physically need anything beyond activating it on the mobile and connecting on the other device, but it is also possible to share the connection through a USB cable. This method is primarily intended to connect to a PC that does not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, while the previous two also serve you for mobile phones and tablets.

The way to share the connection by USB is similar to the previous ones although, of course, first you need connect the mobile to your PC using a USB cable. And, it better be a quality cable, otherwise it can be disconnected frequently.

To activate it, you must go to the section Network and Internet settings. Then enter Wi-Fi zone / Share connection and, finally, mark Share connection via USB. The option can only be changed when you have your mobile connected via a USB cable to a compatible device, such as a PC.


In this case, you don’t need to do anything on the other device, which should recognize and create a new connection through your mobile. This is the summary of the whole process to share the connection via cable:

  • On the mobile that shares the connection, go to Settings

  • Go into Network and Internet

  • Tap on Wi-Fi zone / Share connection

  • Narca Share connection via USB