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How to share your mobile screen and control it from another device

26 mayo, 2021

Vysor is an application for computers and mobiles that will be very helpful if you need to share your phone screen without too many complications: with a simple web link anyone can see your screen remotely and without having to install anything.

There are times when it is necessary to share the phone screen with someone who is far away to teach them how to access a configuration or show you what an app contains, for example. There are numerous ways to do this, generally with a procedure that involves installing an app on your mobile and also on the other person’s phone. Do you want to facilitate the process so that they only have to click on a link to see your screen? Vysor makes it possible.

Share your Android screen with a web link

Share Screen Vysor Remote control of the mobile from a browser

The idea is that someone else can see your phone, and even control it, without having to install anything, also avoiding any configuration: you send a link; the other click on the link and view your Android screen remotely. As simple as that.

Five applications to share your Android screen with other mobiles

Vysor is a well-known application on Android since it has been fighting for years. Created by Koush, a key ‘dev’ on the Android developer scene, Vysor offers a multitude of control tools thanks to ADB and the computer. But do not think that you need to type code to share the screen since the whole process is much simpler:

  • Install the Vysor Android application on your Android. You will have to give it permissions so that the app can share the screen and allow remote control of the system.
  • Go to the settings of your mobile, enter the information of the phone, look for the software data and press ten times on ‘Build number‘. Developer settings will have been activated.
  • Enter the new settings and activate the ‘USB debugging‘.

AnyDesk, complete guide: this is how the app works to access your computer from Android

  • Connect your mobile to your computer and open the Vysor website in your desktop browser: You can also use its application for computers, especially if the remote control does not finish working.
  • Click on ‘Connect device‘and accept the access on your mobile screen.
  • Click on the ‘Share’ button and Vysor will copy the link to access the display of your mobile screen.

Now you just have to share the link with the person you want: you can access your mobile from anywhere in the world (if you enter the link from the mobile you should open the link with the ‘Desktop Mode’ activated). Move around your phone to teach what you want and whoever is connected will see the whole process. And you can also use your mobile remotely if you gave Vysor all the necessary permissions.

Share Screen Vysor Vysor as a desktop application for Windows

Remember that anyone with the link can access your phone: you should not share it publicly. Vysor is a free application that offers screen sharing and remote control access. For higher quality video, and extra options, you need Vysor Premium (from $ 2.50 per month), but for the use we are looking for, Vysor free is more than enough.