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how to share your photo and video library with someone else

26 mayo, 2021

Since last year, Google Photos It offers us a new way to share our photos and videos. Now it will be possible share our Google Photos library with a collaborator.

This means that we can automatically share all our photos and videos with a single person. Or put another way, We can say that person can access our Google Photos gallery.

This option is practical if you want your partner to have remote access to the photos and videos that you have saved in the Google Photos cloud, thus avoiding having to manually share each of the photos and videos so that your couple, to cite an example.

Share your collection


If we want to share our Google Photos library with a trusted person – you can only share it with one person at a time – we just have to open its side panel and click on the new option Add collaborator account.


There we already add the account of the person with whom we want to share our Google Photos library and select if we want our collaborator to see all of our library or only part of it. We can filter the photos by:

  • Filter by date: All photos with dates after the one selected will be shared.
  • Filter by face group: You can select one or more face groups so that only photos that match any of the selected face groups are shared. This option not available in Spain.

When you send the invitation, the person who accepts it will see all the photos and videos that we have backed up in the cloud, even the photos and videos that we have archived.

Change shared collection settings

In the side menu we can see who we are sharing our library with and what photos and videos they have access to. There in your menu we can Change settings.


There we can limit access photos and videos by setting a new date or setting the face group. We can also remove collaborator so that you no longer have access to our collection of photos and videos.

Collaborator options

Google Photos

When the collaborator accepts the invitation, they will see our Google Photos collection in the new section “Photos of …” that will appear in the side menu of Google Photos. Here the collaborator can say that your entire collection is automatically saved in their account or, do it manually with the photos and videos that they like the most by selecting them and clicking on the cloud icon to create a copy in their cloud.

If you delete a photo or video, it will also disappear from this shared library, but if the collaborator has made a backup copy for their own library, they will keep it, since it will appear in their own collection as if it were theirs.

Google Photos

When the collaborator accepts our invitation, they will only have access to our photos and videos. If the collaborator also wants to share their Google Photos library with us, they will have to go to Share your photos, limit if you want access and send us the invitation. It can only be shared with the same person.

Google Photos

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