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how to sort albums by date, title, or last modified

26 mayo, 2021

Traditionally the albums in Google Photos have been automatically sorted by reverse chronological order: first those that include the most recent photos and then the rest. The latest version of Google Photos 4.50 finally gives you more control over how to sort your albums.

What started as a test has now been activated for all users: the ability to sort albums according to different criteria. At the moment there are three: most recent photo, last modified and album title, the first one being the default configuration.


Sort your albums

After many years with only one option, we have become used to Google Photos – and many gallery applications – show albums with recent photos firstregardless of when they were created, but what if there were more options?

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That is precisely what happens as of Google Photos 4.50, where in the Albums tab, and just above the list with available albums, a button to change the order. The default is Most recent photo.


By tapping on it you can change the order in which the albums are displayed in the Google Photo application, to choose between album title photo, last modification and most recent photo. These last two are similar, although different:

  • Most recent photo. Displays albums that contain recent photos first, even if the album itself was created before other albums.

  • Last modification. Show your recently edited albums first, even if they have old photos. For example, if you have edited the name of an old album.

  • Qualification. Shows albums in alphabetical order.

Order is falling for the first two options (most modern first) and ascending for alphabetical ordering, without the possibility of changing. These are similar options to the ones you will find when editing one of your albums, although then there are also the “oldest first” and “custom” options.

If you want to put some order to your albums, you will need Google Photos 4.50 or higher, an update that is already being distributed through Google Play. Interestingly, it is not possible to edit the order of the albums in the web version of Google Photos, at least for now.

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