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how to start in safe mode

22 mayo, 2021

If you ever have problems in Windows 10, sometimes the only way to fix them is by starting the system in safe mode. In fact, learn to booting in safe mode may be the only way to boot when all you see is a black screen.

Safe mode starts Windows in a basic state with only a limited set of files and driversSo if the system starts up this way, it means that neither those drivers nor the default settings of Windows 10 are causing the problem.

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How to boot into safe mode from Windows 10

There are several ways to access safe mode, if your system boots then you can do it through Windows settings. Just press the Windows key + I, then go to Update and security, to select Recovery and in Advanced startup choose Restart now:

Restart now

If your problem is that you cannot start Windows 10 but at least you have access to the login screen, then press the key Shift while selecting the power button in the lower right corner of the screen:

reboot from home screen

Once you successfully restart Windows 10 in advanced startup mode, a blue screen will appear with various options. There you must select first “Solve problems“:

choose an option safe mode windows 10

This will take you to a new screen where you must choose “Advanced Options”:

troubleshoot safe mode windows 10

And, finally you must select “Startup configuration“to access the Windows 10 startup options:

safe mode windows 10

On that screen you can choose option “4” to Enable safe mode, you will have to pressing the F4 key. Then just restart Windows and wait for it to boot into safe mode.

Safe Mode