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How to stop Galaxy Apps from bothering you with notifications

27 mayo, 2021

Galaxy Apps is the Made in Samsung app store pre-installed on company devices. It is not the worst application store in the history of mankind, but it does not stand out especially for being a wonder.

The fact is that even if you don’t mind that Galaxy Apps is there, sometimes it tries capture too much prominence by notifying you updates for pre-installed apps you don’t want (I’m looking at you, Hancom Office 2014!) or suggestions of apps to install. Luckily it’s not difficult disable them.

Option 1: rough

Tired of watching Galaxy Apps telling you to install a new app that you don’t care about at all? As in the case of any application, you can block all its notifications. To do this, go to Settings, Application Manager and look for it in the list. By last, uncheck the Show notifications box.


This option is a bit “rough”, in that it will block all kinds of notifications from the application, even those that may be of interest to you. In any case, if you do not have the slightest interest in Galaxy Apps, it is your option and you could even press To disable to not even see it on your phone.

Option 2: delicately

If you are a somewhat more moderate person and you think that Galaxy Apps is fine, although in small and studied doses, then you can opt for a somewhat more civilized method. Open Galaxy Apps, tap on MORE and then Settings. Here you can deactivate Broadcast notifications and update notifications.


This way you can continue using Galaxy Apps whenever you want, without being disturbed the rest of the time.

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