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How to sync and send emails from other accounts through Gmail

22 mayo, 2021

Many of the applications that we use every day have more possibilities than you think, and Gmail is one of them. Yes, if you are an advanced user used to moving around the web, you may already know them all. But there are also other less advanced users who may have never stopped to look at them and take advantage of them.

And precisely thinking about these users, today we bring a small guide to know how to get the most out of Gmail when you have several email accounts. Today we are going to explain how to sync multiple email addresses to one Gmail account, and how to send emails from other addresses without leaving the service.

Over time it is normal to accumulate email accounts, especially if we usually register in several places and we want that not all the noise ends up reaching the one we use as the main account. But sometimes also it may be necessary to have the accounts synced in one place so you don’t miss important emails, and Gmail is a web environment where you can do it without downloading an external client.

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Synchronize multiple accounts into one

Configure Mail

To start, the first step you have to take is to make sure that the account you want to take to Gmail has enabled the option to export emails through POP connections. Microsoft Live, for example, usually deactivates them by default, so you will have to go to its options and look for the POP and IMAP settings to enable it. It is important to note down the POP servers and the ports of the service you are going to use.

Once this is done, you can enter Gmail using the main account or the one in which you want to synchronize your other accounts. Then click on the configuration icon that you will see at the top right, and choose the option Setting, where now you will have to look for the option Accounts and import.

In it there are several options, but the one that interests you right now is the Check email from other accounts. It is with it that you can access the emails of your other addresses from Gmail. You can already deduce it, in this section you will have to click on Add an email account to start the process.

A yellow pop-up window will appear in which the first thing that you will be asked is to enter the email you want to add. Then it will ask you for the synchronization method, where you will have to choose the option Import emails from my other account (POP3). Now hit Next to access the menu where you will have to enter some more information.

Pop Server

You will have to enter three parameters. The first is your username, which is usually the same as your email, then the password, and finally the address of the POP3 server of the service. You can check it by entering your other email account as you have done before. The server and port of Gmail for example is and 955, while in my tests that of Hotmail or Live is and 993.

Before accepting you should review some of the options selectable included in the box. With Leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server you will not delete the mail from the main server by taking it to your Gmail, so you will be able to access it by entering the other mail’s website. The option is also important To retrieve emails, always use a secure connection (SSL) to maximize security.

Finally, the option is also important Tag incoming messagesas it will help differentiate emails in your inbox that belong to other accounts so that they do not all end up mixed. Once you have selected these options, you can finish the process, which you will have to repeat with each new account that you want to configure.

How to send emails from different addresses

Smtp server

With these steps that we have done before, you will have your different emails synchronized so that they all reach Gmail. But you also have the option to configure your account to send emails using other addresses. Again you will have to go to Setting Y Accounts and import to do it.

Here go to section Send mail as and click on the option Add another email address. A yellow pop-up window will appear as before in which you will perform the account synchronization process, for which the first two credentials that you will have to enter in the first step are your name and email address you want to use.

Next you will have to enter a few more data like the SMTP server, username or password. In general, this server will resolve it for you Gmail automatically for the most popular mail services, but in the event that this is not the case, you will have to be the one who goes to its settings to find out.

Once these steps have been taken, Gmail will send a confirmation email to the account you have linked. Therefore, now it will be your turn to enter it and click on the link that you have attached to it to definitively confirm the movement.

And that’s it, once you have taken these steps you will have already configured your Gmail to be able to send emails using different senders. To use this function, you only have to write an email and change your Gmail address to another in the field From:. Of course, remember that they will also respond to that other address, so remember to integrate it into Gmail as we have done before or visit it to see the responses.

Finally, if with this method you have linked several email accounts, you may want to choose one as the default to send the messages without having to change the field From: every time you send an email. You can do it in the same configuration page where you have been adding them, since in Send mail as Now you can click on the option set as default next to the email you want to use most often.

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