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How to synchronize the Android clipboard with the Windows one, and vice versa

25 mayo, 2021

When copy something to clipboard, you hope you can paste it later, when you need it. What if you need it in other device? So for now there is no single solution, but you depend on other applications to act as a bridge, such as Telegram or Pushbullet.

Microsoft has been trying to be that bridge between Windows and Android for some time, but between the time the moment comes we bring you a simple solution (and also valid for Mac and Linux) to sync the Windows clipboard with the Android clipboard, and vice versa. For this we will use the UniClip application.

1. Install UniClip on the PC


The order of the factors does not alter the sum, so we will start by example installing UniClip on our PC. You can find the download links on its official website. Today it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

The facility itself doesn’t have a lot of science. There are no unpleasant surprises and in general you just need to press Next until the end. Windows may complain that it doesn’t know the developer, a warning you need to ignore to continue.


You don’t need to interact much with UniClip for Windows. It will occupy a small space in the Notification Area, doing its job without disturbing you. What you do need to do the first time is double click on it to display the QR code you will need to connect other devices.

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2. Install UniClip on Android

You will need to install UniClip on Android also. It is available on Google Play, so installation is extremely easy. The latest UniClip update is from 2017, although some sections of the app seem anchored in the Marshmallow era, as we will see below.

UniClip!  (Clipboard Sync)

UniClip! (Clipboard Sync)2.6

  • Developer: Agade
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity

After passing the typical welcome window, you will come across a window that asks if you have Marshmallow. Most likely this is the case, so you need to press the button to grant permission to access contacts (use this to know your Gmail account). You also need permission to access the camera (to scan the QR code).

Perisos UniClip needs two permissions: contacts and camera

The app itself isn’t particularly pretty or intuitive, but after setting it up you won’t need to see much of it, as most of the action happens on background and you are alerted by a gentle vibration each time a new item is synced to the clipboard.

3. Connect both UniClips

Press Start UniClip and the only thing you need is to connect the Android version with the PC version. For this you need to tap on Add Device and then in the QR code to open the scanner (yes, it’s a button even though it doesn’t look like it).


Point the camera at the QR code displayed in UniClip on PC and the two will connect in seconds. With this, the clipboards will be synchronized without you needing to do anything else.

When copy a text from Windows, the mobile will vibrate slightly to notify you that it has received new content. In the settings you can specify if you want the clipboard to be synchronized only if you shake the phone a certain number of times. If you want it to happen every time, it is possible by setting the adjustment to zero.

Similarly, when you copy a text on Android, it will be immediately available on the Windows clipboard. In this case you do not receive any warning, although in our tests the synchronization worked correctly and very fast.