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how to take full advantage of the integration between Android and your PC

27 mayo, 2021

Maybe you know it or maybe not, but given how surprised I have seen many people when I mention some of the things you can do when you take advantage of the integration of your mobile with Windows 10, not too many know how well Android gets along with your computer if you install a couple of Microsoft apps.

In general, if you use Android and install two companion apps like Your phone and the Microsoft launcher, you gain a lot in productivity and continuity between your computer and mobile. It is almost the dream come true of Windows Mobile that never came true.

Microsoft has also ensured that with each new version of Windows 10 the companion app of your phone receives improvements, and more recently it has not done or needed that, since for a few days, the app has been updated so that we can all make and receive calls from Windows 10. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

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If you already have the Your phone app in Windows 10, you must configure it to link your Android mobile, the process is very simple and the same app guides you showing the steps you must follow, you just have to sit in front of the computer and have the mobile handy . You will need a smartphone with Android 7.0 or later to be able to take advantage of all its functions.


See all the photos from your mobile instantly in Windows 10

Entry 2019 12 23 125 303 Your Android photos on Windows 10

This was the first function that synchronization through Android and Windows 10 offered us. Once you have linked your mobile, as long as you give the necessary permissions to the Your phone app on Android, you can simply launch the app on Windows to see all the photos you have taken on your mobile instantly.


With this you don’t have to send yourself a photo ever again, nor do you have to connect a cable to transfer images, you don’t even need Bluetooth. They are all there on your computer just a click away. You can open, copy, download, edit and share them from Windows 10.

Y what you do from Windows does not affect your copies of the photos on the mobile, you cannot delete files from your phone from the Windows 10 app.

Make and receive calls from Windows 10

Your Phone Calls Android Windows 10

This is the only function for which you will need to have Bluetooth active. If you have already updated the Your Phone app in Windows 10 to the latest version, you should see a new option that says “Calls (in preview)“Clicking there will invite you to configure the function.

You must turn on the mobile’s Bluetooth and link your computer again through a pin, everything will be clearly indicated both on the mobile and in Windows 10, it should take less than a minute. By doing this you will get access to all your call history and contacts stored on the mobile.

From now on you can make and receive calls from Windows 10 as if you were using your mobile phone app.

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Manage SMS

Sms Android Windows 10

Just as you can make and receive calls, you can send and receive SMS from your mobile in Windows 10. If you receive a message, you will see a notification in Windows 10, and you can even respond quickly from there.

From your phone app you have access to all your SMS history, and you can also create new SMS to send to any contact, with the possibility of inserting multimedia content such as GIFs or images, as well as emojis. And not only that, If you have several SIMs, you can choose which one to use to send the SMS from Windows 10.

View Android Notifications in Windows 10

Android Notifications Windows 10

Another function of the Your phone app is to mirroring Android notifications. This means that you can receive all the alerts from your mobile directly in Windows 10, and they do not have to be absolutely all, since the app allows you to decide which ones.

You can have notifications show only in the app, or have notification banners shown in the system. Also you can activate or deactivate notifications for each app you have installed on your mobile.

Continue working with a file on your PC

Microsoft Launcher

If, in addition to the Your phone app, you install Microsoft Launcher As your default app launcher on Android, you get even more benefits from syncing both systems. This is thanks to the function Continue on PC.

Entry 2019 12 23 124 628 Notifications sent from Microsoft Launcher on Android to Windows 10

With this you can review any file or image that appears in your recent activity on your mobile, and simply touch Continue on PC to send a notification to Windows 10 that will allow you to continue working on that file from your computer.

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Synchronize Notes

Sticky Notes Windows 10 Android

If you use the Fast notes or sticky notes Windows, the Microsoft Launcher allows you to access them on Android directly from one of its screens. Cloud syncing of those notes works perfectly, and it even accepts voice dictation.

Namely, you can dictate a note to the mobile and you will see it appear in a digital post it in Windows 10 immediately. Unfortunately on the mobile you will not see but only the text sticky notes. If you have Windows notes with freehand writing or pictures, these are not visible in Microsoft Launcher for now.

Synchronize tasks and lists

If sticky notes are not enough for you, you can choose to install Microsoft To Do on Windows 10 and see a list of your tasks on the Microsoft Launcher screens, no need to install To Do on Android if you already have the Microsoft application launcher, although of course this has additional benefits, but it is not required.

Microsoft Edge

Entry 2019 12 23 142 228

If you also use the Microsoft browser, you will have the option to share any website, link or content that you open in the desktop browser directly to your Android mobile through the Your phone app.

You may send you anything from your computer and you will receive it as a notification on Android.